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An October Surprise You May Not See Coming!

By now you’ve no doubt heard about the U.S. Airstrikes (9/17) that killed Syrian Troops, but what you’ve not heard about because of Western Media Blackout is that Russian warships fired three Caliber, a cruise-missile type variant, on a U.S. established Field Operations Room located in the western “Rebel-held” Aleppo Region of Syria (9/20).

This Intelligence facility’s primary roll focuses on the integration of intelligence and logistical area support and although orchestrated by the U.S. companion forces/interests also include the British, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Qatar. While the American Public is being schooled to accept that ISIS and Al Qaeda remnants are the anchor threat, the U.S. and its regional allies are well known to be at ease being their sponsors in the battle to excise the Assad regime in Syria.

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