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The Feckless & The Shill

There is no disguise sufficient in its form which can survive a lie or claim regard for truth where there is none; why else the need for a disguise if only to distract the masses until such time as their interests and attentions fade.

Disguises serve many purposes in prose, theater, war and politics the latter being their own theatrical exhibition. The tale of the Greeks entry into the city of Troy is a metaphor for the perfect disguise, the Trojan Horse, and the operative purpose being: to gain entry. 

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The Political Campaign of the Counterpunch

If you lead, someone will doubt your motive.
If you stand a head taller, someone will seek to bring you to your knees.
If you define the moment, someone will point to your flaws.
If you seek to express perfection, someone will question your judgment.
And while you question the objections, someone will poison your reasoning seizing advantage in momentary stupor. 

The Campaign of the Counterpunch becomes the strategic offense,
Upon the merit of weakness,
When opportunity welcomes the courageous,
The void is breached with an empty assault,
By a lesser opportunist.  

So goes the Army of the once willing,
Now Leaderless. 

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