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Economic Policy; Reversing the Trend

For nearly thirty years I’ve studies various tax, trade and regulatory actions analyzing, in part, their effects on economic cycles reporting my findings and recommendation to a Client with the hope that the effort would lend to a positive outcome. Over the years I have compiled data and anecdotal references to what I observed as cyclical-patterns; it would take nearly twelve years before I would begin to discover their value as an affirming and prognosticative tool.  

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Engineering An Election: We & Them

One of the most basic tenants of humanity is the construct of common cause; the infallible link we possess with one another that is, without question, non-severable. This construct of common cause transcends the elusive veil of reason, race, sex, religion, boarders and boundaries; interestingly enough you can find it, masterfully expressed, in the American Declaration of Independence as those things we hold to be true:  

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” 

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Romney: An Opportunity to Distinguish

The coming weeks Republican National Convention will be never-ending source of political commentary and analysis most of which will center around the presumptive Candidate, Mitt Romney and his V.P. designee, Paul Ryan; no surprise here. At the moment most polls show the race between the President and Gov. Romney evenly split which I find, considering that proximity of the November election, to be a sign that the challenger is failing miserably in the OnPoint message category.  

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When the Rule is Not the Law

“When government is able to assume a right to govern simply by the claim that it can, it then can also give license to impulse and impulse responses are rarely considerate, measured or functional.”  

This past week the Russian State exhibited the natural temptation of government licensed to operate at will; the monolithic mind-trap of interconnected fiefdoms did little to conceal its disfavor with a popular Punk Rock Group and the Russian Judicial System quickly fell rhythmically instep with party line handing the Punk Trio a two year sentence. In Russia, those who Rule are licensed to script at will what for the moment is thought of as the Law; there is no Russian equivalent to the American Bill of Rights. 

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The U.S. Economic Divide

Economics is one of those subjects that suffers from its own unique form of multiple personality disorder; there’s the academic, the financial-markets, the banking, the global, the government, the political and the social-equality econ-segmentation each with their own deliberate bias attached to a specific outcome the consequence of which is the general state of economic chaos we observe today – The U.S. Economic Divide. 

To place a limit on the breadth of this effort I will use two terms to act as a base reference point for what follows and they are: 

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