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Trump calls for Shutting-Down Muslim Entry into U.S.; Merchandising a Political Narrative?

The real problem is not with Trumps statement but with the failure to acknowledge and address a problem that has been known to exist for nearly 4 decades. Hezbollah, for example, goes back to Khomeini’s Islamist Regime’s Takeover of Iran circa 1979; thank you President Carter.

The U.S. has been unwilling to control its boarders, it has been unwilling to secure or even adequately tighten its “entry processes” and, far worse, the Administration has continued to refute the causal relationship between Terrorist Actions and their defining Ideology. So in what sense is Trumps pronouncement so extreme given the threat and the targets unwillingness to move from victim status to either the aggressor or, at the very least, an impregnable target?

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