Trump calls for Shutting-Down Muslim Entry into U.S.; Merchandising a Political Narrative?

The real problem is not with Trumps statement but with the failure to acknowledge and address a problem that has been known to exist for nearly 4 decades. Hezbollah, for example, goes back to Khomeini’s Islamist Regime’s Takeover of Iran circa 1979; thank you President Carter.

The U.S. has been unwilling to control its boarders, it has been unwilling to secure or even adequately tighten its “entry processes” and, far worse, the Administration has continued to refute the causal relationship between Terrorist Actions and their defining Ideology. So in what sense is Trumps pronouncement so extreme given the threat and the targets unwillingness to move from victim status to either the aggressor or, at the very least, an impregnable target?

Objecting to Trumps comments, as has been done by Jeb Bush, Lyndsey Graham and Marco Rubio as well each of the Key Democratic Goldbricks, either makes them appear as calculating opportunists or as mere plagiarists. These are nothing more than Pagan Ideologists launching thoughtless hyperbole strictly for political advantage, After all the public’s ire has already been stirred and so it’s far too late in the game to merchandise a political narrative.

I am against the targeting of individuals and I don’t want this nation to go down the road of hemorrhagic cleansing however if National Leadership is not going to take a proactive role in upholding its security mandate then by what mechanism will Muslim Leaders (in this country) and their practitioners be assured that there is a line they have no right to and/or they dare not cross?

The following are a select group of responses to questions/comments received after the original article was published. We believe you will find them of interest.

#1: The point of the post was not or should it be thought of as a political statement; it’s something quite different and best summarized by the very last sentence (of the post). Humans are marvelous at creating all sorts of false premises in order to simulate the reality they prefer; we know this. The great challenge we face is to see thru the false premise and see the truths (facts) for what they are; identify the cause, try as best we can to keep it from occurring/re-occurring, rationally mitigate the effects and move on.

The problem with attempting to make a comparative analysis, particularly using historical events as a reference point, is that too often a dreadfully wrong conclusion is the result. Particularly when we include the increasing divisive over-bite of Political Quackery, the spiraling of pure conjecture makes arriving at a reasonable conclusion a near impossibility; the issue becomes totally smothered by nonsense.

Yes, the teachings of the Qur’an are quite clear and so are those of the Bible and similarly in honored texts of other faiths all of which have evolved into near countless sects all claiming spiritual supremacy of the other. Using their respective narratives as weapons and ignoring the fundamental truth that, as I suspect, the Creator has no religion at all or that, in the case of Jesus, who was not only not Christian, a case could also be made that he wasn’t a particularly good Jew however, his message was stripped of hyperbole, simulations and faulty premise(s). I believe, if we are to reclaim the fundamental form of our Common Ideal, we should be doing much the same.

The problem isn’t that heretical Islam exists. What is far more critical is that a politicized system of corporate-government has evolved in this country whereby the political system is designed to preserve itself and it does so by using false-narratives to entrap the public into chasing its own, ever-diminishing, tail. A process, as a tool of advantage, which allows a known problem to fester should be of far greater concern than the problem itself.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder


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