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Buy American-Hire American

Strange how a concept such as this must be sold to Congress and to the American People; one would think this an obvious concept.

Far worse is that the U.S. Congress, specifically the Senate, is the greatest offender of all as you need only review the various Trade-Agreements the U.S. Senate has signed-off on.

Being ignorant is no defense for being complicit or cannibalistic. Still, like most errors, this mess can be fixed, but it will require a significant reformation of the U.S. Tax Code and lowering Corporate Tax Rates is simply not enough.

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War Footing: A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

In less than a weeks’ time the U.S. Congress has managed to pass legislation that assures conflict with Russia. The most recent being the so-called Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014  (HR 5859) passed by unanimous consent with only 3 of the 425 House Members in attendance and actually voting.

The key features of the Act funds the sale of tactical weaponry, various anti-Russia propaganda schemes and funding for the privatization of Ukrainian infrastructure/resources. Not since the days of the Roman Empire have we witnessed the existence of a system of government so far outside the lines of reason that it must maintain a perpetual war footing posture strictly for feeding purposes.

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