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Union Logic Challenged

NYT Columnist, Nick Kristof, last week penned an Op-Ed piece “The Cost of Decline in Unions” and he makes many of the same pro-union claims attributing various benefits. The 40 hour work week, productivity improvements and the causal force behind the both,  the creating and maintaining of the middle-class or, conversely, the loss of the middle-class (increase in the wealth-gap) due to losses in union rolls.

I find these arguments quite weak in the presence of facts as none of these either occurred because of Unions or due to their diminishing influence. Much of this argument, as with many others which feign the need for more government intervention are weak on substance or simply a lure in search of greater political influence.

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WiNiP – The Rise of Willing Failure v2.11

What I Noticed in Passing…. 

Recently I’ve come under attack for my commentaries relating to what I observe as the core issue of this nations great divide. Yes, I believe the core issue is Our interpretation of this notion we call Freedom and how and in what way we express it through the mechanisms of Liberty.  We might (even) explain the point in this way: 

“The Ideal of Freedom is brought to Life through the manner in which we believe we are at Liberty to do so.  The greater ones sacred notion of Freedom, the greater ones desire to preserve the Liberty to express Freedom.” 

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Union – What you do; Reveals!

“Action reveals the unspoken word; recording for all time what one had concealed by silence.”  

“What you do speaks so loud, I can not hear what you say.”

I must confess I do love phrases such as these; an assembly of simple words set in their own unique pattern in such a way that they are both rhythmic to the ear and intimidating in their meaning.  The first series is my own, the latter belongs to Emerson.

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