The Confined Space of Compressed Darkness

It’s so very difficult to take any of the Wu-V19 crisis management seriously; increasing appearing as decidedly politically-driven there is more action in response to political risk than there is in direct response to the actual threat. To the point, the only real shortage is not in product, medical or tangible resources but in something far more vital; the willingness to call a fraud for the fraud that it is. Formerly known as virtuous discernment (character), now demeaned as a relic of another time, has been smothered into submission by the hyperbole of political vice.

No, WuV19 is masking the arrival of a developing threat, one caused by economic deprivation, diminution of social continuity and the abandonment of individual investment in positive outcome; the near total emulsion of the single greatest component necessary for sustaining greatness: the ability of a single individual to see themselves as being vital to something greater than themselves while at the same time understanding the necessity of binding themselves with others who have the same ability, vision or desires. As it is, this nation, and much of the world, is on the cusp of breaking, of fracturing into a global state of utter chaos and any number of possible actions of pure stupidity, blended with the mindlessness of an ignorant public, will set it spiraling off its axis and tumbling wildly.

None of what is to come, of course, is avoidable and for three very simple reasons: (1) Political Divisiveness has made anarchy popular and politically viable. (2) Political advantage has indoctrinated much of the public into believing they’ve no responsibility for the chaos occurring. And, (3) Now that the Public no longer believes they’ve any responsibility for the failure(s) they are now ripe for accepting that someone other than they are and if you aren’t one of the self-populating neo-fascists then you’re certain to be their target.

Powerful financial interests want Trump out of Office So Badly they will send the nation into a level of turmoil that will terrify much of the Country and your Political Leadership will be unwilling to defend you against the onslaught, regardless of party affiliation. How do I know? Amazingly simple: Look at Germany, 11/2/38 (Kristallnacht), revisit November 22, 1963 (Kennedy Assassination) or August 2, 1964 (Gulf of Tonkin) either of these three, though by no means exclusively limited to, being the most obvious examples.

Only when the Public is willing to defend itself against those who would destroy their faith will it ever change.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder


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