The Era of Blustering

I do believe we can now identify the problem: Blustering!

If problems of our own making aren’t enough to send the mind spinning wildly out of control, the complete absence of disciplined focus on solutions have given way to mindless provocation. Why bother focusing on solutions when stabbing the void with a few chest-poundings aimed at stirring further discord appears to be so much more fun.

Take Sen. John McCain and his “timidity” crack on one side and Kremlin-backed Russian TV Host, Dmitry Kiselyov, who openly sparred with his own rendition of stupid and his assertion that Russia is “capable of turning the United States into radioactive ash”. Though I confess it is more the responsibility of the U.S. to focus on domestic issues than to be concerned with developing further fields from which Western Profiteers might harvest.

Our true weakness is seen in the projection of the Governments newest policy venture; enter the new ERA of Blustering.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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