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Skinny’s Dead; Scheming Very Much Alive!

While Republican Senators John McCain of Arizona, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine stand, along with the entire Democratic Party, as front-line stewards of congestive failure, the real loss is measured in the distance between promises made and promises kept, the ideals of representative democracy and elected officials reverence for it.

It has long been my opinion and recommendation that the Repeal & Replace concept should have been sidelined until a roll-out of a Complete Replacement Plan was published. The critical issue to be observed here is this: The Senate couldn’t muster the 51 votes from either Party to pass the so-called “Skinny” Bill which further confirms the severity of the underlying problem.

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Trump; Attack of the Lesions!

Amazing how the refuse circles to defend itself against the impact of a statement based on fact. Anyone who knows John McCain’s history is well aware that his combat performance was mediocre at best and his command leadership was no better. Horrific as the POW experience is there were thousands more who appropriately distinguished themselves, prisoner or not, as worthy of beings honored as a Vietnam War Hero and still remain anonymous.

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Message to Arizona Voters

John McCain is going to run for another term, his sixth, as your U.S. Senator; please, for your own and fellow countrymen’s sake, send someone else to Washington! If you could talk her into it, former Governor, Jan Brewer, would be an excellent choice!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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The Era of Blustering

I do believe we can now identify the problem: Blustering!

If problems of our own making aren’t enough to send the mind spinning wildly out of control, the complete absence of disciplined focus on solutions have given way to mindless provocation. Why bother focusing on solutions when stabbing the void with a few chest-poundings aimed at stirring further discord appears to be so much more fun.

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