The Irony of Hypocrisy; Climate Control vs. Global Energy

In one breath the current Administration presses forward, despite the overwhelming cost to U.S. taxpayers, with climate control in preparation for the upcoming Paris Conference while at the same time working to unseat the Assad Regime in Syria. The connection may at first glance appear vague until we consider that the idiotic matrix of the Presidents China Deal (of Nov 12th) which allows that country, thru 2030, to determine its own peak emission levels; so much for conviction.

Meanwhile the battle in Syria is all about whether a Sunni or Shia backed government will control the planned (supported by Saudi Arabia/Qatar/Israel) gas/oil pipeline thru Syria and on into Turkey. This Neo Middle East energy hub is to be the key artery for feeding EU energy demands. Rest assured the Russia/Ukraine adventure is dynamically much the same; who will control the supply-chain into the E.U., Germany or Russia?

Putin knows the door of opportunity is closing and with it the survivable-options for him and his fellow oligarchs. Regardless of how the media demonizes Putin the facts indicate that his ideology is no different than his western counterparts and further illustrates the pervasive nature of irony and hypocrisy.

And so, the double-speak continues. On one side the push for decarbonization of the planet via climate control while the other side of the split-tongue works to expand the distribution capacity and control of petro-resources. The most conspicuous and iconic reference used to support the rush toward comprehensive climate control. The coming conflagration is not a war of religion but a war of competing interests willing to scorch the other in exchange for control. Dogma is simply a convenient cover for the perversity of hypocrisy – how ironic.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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