The Light Exposes the Dimly Lit!

The Body Politic is only just beginning to stir.  Quite easy to observe the stated political machinery in action, finger pointing, name calling and sorted details of miss-deeds and personal failures. The incumbent assails the opposition for their lack of experience whilst extolling their own personal virtues using silence to distance themselves from culpability.

In California, the poster child for all things politically extreme, we see the pathologically miss-informed challenged by the hopelessly ill-informed both attempting to seduce the un-informed.  But let’s not forget the Great State of Colorado presently engaged in the same charade of seduction along with Arizona, Pennsylvania and so on and so forth.

What we are all witnessing, first hand and hopefully with a naked eye, is the systemic flaw that exists in our National, State and Local election process. Moreover, also the reason for why the public needs to be made aware of this schism which is, in my opinion, largely due to a profoundly simply observation of a systemic reality:

The choices offered by/through our clever electoral process is not intended, designed or is it representative of the highest and best possible evolutions of this country’s unlimited potential but only emblematic of the mediocrity of choices made available.

Our clever electoral process is, also in my opinion, the single greatest lie imposed upon the People of this Nation.

This process is NOT Representative Government in action! What IT is, IS a system designed to produce mediocrity and the truth of this statement is seen not only in the existing practices of National and State Government but also in the body candidates from which the public is forced to choose.

How is it possible to claim we are a Nation of Free and Just People when the system charged to preserve this lofty ambitions arbitrates unto itself the ability to prohibit or otherwise obstruct the very Ideal integral and implicit in the only legitimate role of government, the very essence of that which We Hold To Be True! 

“A Man must be Free for Independence to be at Liberty to be Expressed!” C. Greco

We, as a People, have settled for an election process deliberately designed to disable the very system it is charged to protect and serve. The coming “mid-term” election will illustrate, once again, the very truth of this observation.

I see no component of the current selection process which requires and imposes upon the candidates both a discriminating standard upon which the public may rightfully regard and evaluate each and most importantly, a standard of performance upon which the candidate may both be measured and to which they are bound!

As we can all attest, not only do we get what we elect, we also endure the consequences their weakness assures as;

“We, The People, become forever burdened by the unknown good intrusive government Silences!” C. Greco

I believe the time has come for the People to  “Stand4” a cause worth preserving and perfecting!  Demand it and in so doing:

“The Light Exposes the Dimly Lit!”

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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