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No Conflict, No Contest

 “Bitterness of taste is the nature of all conflict much as it is for all flavors expressing the true nature of its host. Yet for those who favor conflict their tongue is not always quite so faithful; choosing instead to season their nature in favor of a more immediate impulse.” 

Often we find ourselves in circumstances which tempt our thoughts toward actions contrary to our conscience; the more trying are often accompanied by the greater risk of expediency taking hold and thus dictating what becomes the lesser-choice-made. True, actions consistent with conscientious thought are rarely at issue when there is no contest, no challenge or temptation but then these circumstances are also infrequently accompanied by a measure of adverse consequence being imposed on another and so –No Conflict, No Contest. Yet, and I think we will agree, where both Conflict and Contest exist and we must root them out. 

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The Light Exposes the Dimly Lit!

The Body Politic is only just beginning to stir.  Quite easy to observe the stated political machinery in action, finger pointing, name calling and sorted details of miss-deeds and personal failures. The incumbent assails the opposition for their lack of experience whilst extolling their own personal virtues using silence to distance themselves from culpability.

In California, the poster child for all things politically extreme, we see the pathologically miss-informed challenged by the hopelessly ill-informed both attempting to seduce the un-informed.  But let’s not forget the Great State of Colorado presently engaged in the same charade of seduction along with Arizona, Pennsylvania and so on and so forth.

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Defending the Indefensible!

There is an old saying among lawyers, as I recall it sounds something like this:  If the facts are against you, argue the law; if the law is against you, argue the facts; if the facts and the law are against you, then just plain argue!  I’ve witnessed, first hand, this practice and I confess a skilled and impassioned orator affects impressive results, or at least entertaining theatre, using this strategy.  Still, even the seasoned advocate is constrained by court decorum and procedural restrains.

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Why? The Imperfect Messenger Foundation

Why? The Imperfect Messenger Foundation

As time passes the ideals worth preserving often become subject to fatigue and changing fashions.  Absent a focused interest, a people and their culture, history shows, begin to loose their foundation, their sense of purpose, the very compass that condensed their collective ideals.  Seemingly an inconspicuous process until circumstances arise that cause one to question:  What has happened? The Imperfect Messenger Foundation was founded, in part, to provide a forum for both commentary and inquiry.  Listen, if you will, as Curtis Greco speaks on the subject of “Why?”

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Supreme Indiscretions – Kagan

This past week I registered my observations relating to the Supreme Court nomination process largely recounting historical precedence as it relates to the philosophical and functional mandate of the Supreme Court. (see; “Kagan – Silence, Nomination & The Supreme Court”) Even more so, the ultimate filter being that which one must consider when viewed through the lens of this Nations founding principals and ideals.


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