TPP: The Equity in Serving Two Masters!

To understand the danger of Fast-Track Authority, in any Trade Pact dealings, one needs to consider the inherent economic conflict that exists in New World Order Trade Deals.

First, understand that NWO Trade Deals address nation states not as sovereign entities, but simply as regional components of a global market. To the NWO, the American people, in essence, are thus merely a tooth on a single gear amidst a host of thousands of other gear each possessing any number of teeth. Second, NWO Trade Deals treat the individual tooth as irrelevant to the whole. Third, to depress the influence of the single tooth the gears of production are dispersed purely for economic and political advantage of the NWO structure who then relies on the interconnectivity illusion, of the so-called global market place, to promote its agenda.

It is important to remember that all issues of economy are indeed local and clearly NOT global so it is important to understand that the enigma of the Global market place is not drawn out of necessity but instead only as an extension of the illusions design. Do you really believe the Apple, GM, GE etc. had to move capacity to Mexico/China/etc. in order to sell you a phone, a car or a jet engine? The danger of Fast-Track is seen in the rapid almost lightning-like decline of U.S. economic capacity/standing since Congress afforded Bill Clinton (circa 1992) with the WTO/GATT Treaties continuing on thru their various iterations such as NAFT, CAFTA and so on.

The surrendering of the U.S. economic system to now third world status, endorsed no less by Congress and every President since George-the-Elder, is no less frightening made ever more so by the fact that Congress is showing every sign that it will extend Fast Track authority to President Obama; a U.S. President (and his Administration) who has demonstrated a complete absence of capacity for any legislative, diplomatic, policy or national security success.

The Trans Pacific Partnership is simply this: a strategic tool for extending/securing western economic/financial/military influence in a region threatened by interests (Russia & China) adverse to the Globalist Agenda. For Americans the outcome is not good and here’s why: without economic capacity dispersing throughout the relevant (non-governmental affiliates) economic spectrum the American public will be forced further into relying on inflation-driven spirals in order to provide the appearance of economic gain and this will only lead to further economic depravity.

The simple way to digest this is by way of the following metaphor: the more farm land you till under for the building of houses by migrant workers, the more starving renters (including those who once farmed) requiring government rent-subsidies you create. Without economic capacity you have no economic liberty; without economic liberty you have no inertia creating economic capacity. All that the idiotic notion of globalism is creating is global economic dependence; no single tooth having the capacity to function autonomously and that’s an intolerable economic reality.

Yes, there is equity in serving two masters but only if you’re in the top-tier ownership of a Multi-National; the problem is that a vast majority of Americans, or any other member of the human race regardless of where it is they call home, are not a part of this cabal. Get active and move quickly; insist your Senator oppose Fast-Track and the TPP.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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