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Tax Reform: Sacred Corporate Cow!

There are far too many false-truths surrounding the in-progress Tax Reform discussion each with the potential of further elevating the Corporate Juggernaut beyond the sacred cow status it presently holds, perhaps on to the omniscient deity domain.

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TPP: The Equity in Serving Two Masters!

To understand the danger of Fast-Track Authority, in any Trade Pact dealings, one needs to consider the inherent economic conflict that exists in New World Order Trade Deals.

First, understand that NWO Trade Deals address nation states not as sovereign entities, but simply as regional components of a global market. To the NWO, the American people, in essence, are thus merely a tooth on a single gear amidst a host of thousands of other gear each possessing any number of teeth. Second, NWO Trade Deals treat the individual tooth as irrelevant to the whole. Third, to depress the influence of the single tooth the gears of production are dispersed purely for economic and political advantage of the NWO structure who then relies on the interconnectivity illusion, of the so-called global market place, to promote its agenda.

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