Trump Remains an Unresolved Problem for GOP

Predicting that the GOP would resolve to Clintonesque Attack Strategies was inevitable and we stated so back in May of 2015. That there would be a move by existing Republic Officeholders to press an anti-Trump footing was also guaranteed and this is simply due to the risk of losing GOP Funding or endorsements required for their re-election.

What the media and the GOP/DNC continue to avoid addressing is the reason for why Trump is not only seemingly Teflon-like, but also continues to hold and in some cases expand his footing, has more to do with the GOP & DNC than it does with Trump himself. After all, other than his “Make America Great Again” routine – which sounds more like sheet-music title than a platform – I’m not exactly sure what his defining issue(s) might be. Yes, “building a wall” may sound formidable but so is the IRS which, like illegal immigrants, is as much a function of government as is the political quackery that proves itself unwilling or incapable of addressing either issue.

Trump simply represents a growing understanding among American voters willing to not only understand the problem and its cause but also the solution; Lord help the DNC & GOP if more people figure it out as well. The short version is this: Government is not or is it ever fixable from within the political system or by the political minions who benefit from it. End of Story!

This is why the Elitists from either side of the Isle are fighting the likes of Trump and Carson. This is why Bernie Sanders refuses to take-on Hillary Clinton. Sanders doesn’t actually believe he can beat Hillary, but he knows for certain if the system remains as it is he has job security.

Is Cruz smarter or any different than the average GOP apparatchik? Perhaps, but it really doesn’t matter now does it. He too has job security as a sitting Senator and he knows the system will be there whether he wins or he’s forced to surrender to someone else.

No! The political legacy of each Party has proven that it can defend itself best by preserving the process from within. Notice I didn’t say by perfecting the process from within. No, this is not an endorsement of Trump, but it is a simple statement of fact; the American People are sitting atop a political cross-road, the results of which will determine whether failure is inevitable (for this Country) or if it can be corrected.

I happen to believe that Cruz is more of a Populist than Sanders is a Socialist and for that reason is more structurally predictable than Trump although if I needed to find my way out of an Iranian prison I’d hook my leash to Trump – let’s just call it a bulldog-hunch.

Summarized: What the GOP/DNC fails to understand is that Trump’s support is not because of Trump; he exists only because the support is already there. They also fail to understand that the more frequent and aggressive the bashing becomes, Trump need only point to the attacks and say “…you see, this isn’t so much that they are against me as they are afraid of you!”. And with a subtle twist of the tongue he might even include that “I may be running under the Republican Banner, but I’m running for All Americans because making American Great Again can’t just benefit Republicans, it must benefit All Americans and though these attacks may seem to be targeting me in reality they’re targeting the hopes, dreams and desires of All Americans.”

And so, in the end, the GOP, like the DNC, have learned to control the electorate through the practice of fabricated-division and they have no capacity for understanding that the public, more and more, has figured it out, whereas the process is so entrenched within the regime of bureaucracy they simply have no way to respond to it.

In the end, the system is vested in itself and not you. You will need to fix it or it will fix you! In the end, it’s not about whether or not you vote for Trump but more so that you MUST Vote for something other than what you already have if only as a first step in bringing to an end a process that clearly isn’t working.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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