Trump Tie Talk; a Clintonian Hypocrisy

Taking a bite out of Trump has become quite a show and why not, for a businessman turned presidential candidate he’s a veritable cornucopia of targets. In his world, where success or failure is deeply personal and carries with it a particularly steep gradient, consequence is inescapable and it matters in ways the Political Spore rarely if ever faces; ever.

In business when you fail it’s immediate and personal whereas in the Political arena, when people die, go bankrupt, programs fail or go grotesquely over budget you simply change topics while the consequential scaring persists and simply becomes a part of the many before that are now anonymous.

Take for example the “Tie” talk. The subject being the “Trump” brand of clothing (shirts and ties) and various outtakes where Trump is being asked (one clip I’ve seen is where David Letterman is quizzing Trump) as to their manufacturing origins. Whether they’re actually made in Bangladesh, Vietnam or even China is merely the consequential effect. What should be more of interest is the “why” they were not made in the U.S.

Here’s why: In 1992 then President Bill Clinton signed the WTO/GATT Treaties with no contest, at that time, by the U.S. Senate. In these Treaties, with similar features in the NAFT & CAFTA Treaties that followed, were several provisions that would, when enacted, force the death of most U.S. manufacturing. This included the textile/clothing and segments of agriculture industries under the premise that any domestic enterprise had to “mitigate” any unfair advantage. By virtue of it being a domestic enterprise, it possessed where a foreign “partner” was presumed, to be a disadvantage by virtue of it being “Foreign.”

It wasn’t that Trump didn’t want to have his Ties & Shirts made in the U.S., but more so that because of Trade Agreements, signed by Bill Clinton and later by George-the-Younger, it wasn’t possible. Likewise, and you will love this one, you might wonder why Congress or the President has never been willing to address the commonly accepted, but definitely not the case, condition that the “U.S. Corporate Tax Rate is the Highest in the World!”

Here’s why: “Partners” to these Treaties cannot affect domestic tax policy that is “averse” to competitive standing of its “Foreign Partners.” Now you know why “Foreign Partners” buy once U.S. Based companies (Fiat/Chrysler is one example) or set-up facilities within the U.S. or  the case where U.S. Companies move manufacturing or parts sourcing outside the U.S. It’s simply because the various Treaties accommodate various tax schemes (taking advantage of the “unfair advantage” rule) that allow companies to disperse their structures in such a way as to avoid paying taxes on their earned revenues.

Trump is more accurate, as to Trade Policies, than most realize or will ever confess however, far worse is that American Presidents and Senators have endorsed the practice and many, to this day, continue to insist that these Trade Policies are good for this Country. If Clinton is elected then these conditions will be irreversible as you can count on the passage of three very irrevocably damaging Trade Agreements: The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Trade and Service Agreement (TISA).

The travesty that is the Clinton legacy is well known and well documented and for these reasons alone. That and setting aside the fact that Hillary would never be able to pass a background check or even pass a low-level security clearance, should have disqualified her as a Candidate. However, if you consider the global tentacles of their Foundation no one with any measurable conscience should be willing to accept that her integrity and commitment to an oath of office aren’t seriously and structurally porous. Job One; she must never be elected to office again.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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