U.S. Government to Release Administrative Control over the Internet

The political backlash over revelations regarding U.S. Security Agencies abuse of the Internet for surveillance purposes may be just the final push needed. Let’s face it, the allegations that the Internet is the contemporary equivalent of the Wild West has been the seedling for various Federal attempts aimed at shackling the free-flow of info via the internet, but the pro-First Amendment arguments have kept that from happening, so far.

As with various other forms of deception (various trade agreements, UN Law of the Sea Treaty, UN Small Arms Treaty, Agenda 21 etc.) the Globalists have easily overcome constitutional prohibitions simply by divesting domestic sovereignty over to a Global Regime. How does this happen? If you observe the most recent example, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee who asserts that the U.S. Constitution was written in 1614, as a general measure of capacity it is easy to understand why Congress performs as it does.

Where there is no comprehension of native prohibitions then there are no boundaries of excess. The outcome of this effort will simply make it easier to police the public by both surveillance of its use and limiting the content permitted, dare I say, to freely flow.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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