Wu-V19; our Latest Nuclear Moment?

Somewhere along the way I picked up an interesting concept creating the distinction of three domains of knowledge; I’ve always been fascinated by the observation and I find it useful particularly with the idea of fully rounding-out the subject of this essay, they are:

  1. That which you know and you know that you know it (I know what a golf ball is and I know that I know it).
  2. That which you know that you don’t known and you know that you don’t know it (I know that I’m not a Dentist and I know that you shouldn’t rely on me to repair your teeth.) And finally,
  3. The last domain of knowledge which is that which you don’t known and you don’t even know that you don’t know it (which is precisely the domain of knowledge that creates the accommodation for the notion we are about to explore.)

With the above in mind then let’s now move into our foray of the “Nuclear Moment” beginning with a view from within the conquest of military superiority by way of acquisition, the amassing of munitions for use as a tool only in this case we’ll apply an extremely condensed animation of the process: It should be understood that from the point of conception the science alone, employed toward the development of the “bomb”, that the effort would be a game changing addition to a Nations war-making skillset; and they knew it. It is also the case that despite shat they (Scientists) knew what they didn’t know of was the true breadth of its devastating effects, even after its initial testing, or the true scale of its radial impact could even be approached to being fully absorbed and studied until well after the ashes settled, the body count was tallied and the linger illnesses died out/off. Frankly, I believe we’re still wrestling with the unknowns associated with our manipulating atomic and sub-atomic particles, more on this point some other time. Stick with me a few moments longer, I promise I’ll tie these loose ends together in a moment.

“Always Work to Bless the World with The Gift of You and Never Allow Any One or Thing Prevent You From Doing So! “

So then, moving on with my illustrative effort of the point I intend: The “Nuclear Moment” is not or is it ever at the point of detonation or even impact or is it at the point of self-realization or at the moment when your conscience asks, “oh my, what were you thinking?” Not even close! In actuality the NuMo occurs simultaneously with or at the point a chosen action or course of actions is no longer voidable or precisely at the moment the thought of creating an instrument of death is no longer reversible; in shortest possible terms this singular event occurs only at the point your opting-out option is gone! The moment you finally discover what you didn’t know and you didn’t (even) know that you didn’t know it!

From this exercise I trust that you see the significance of our grasping that if there is any hope for ascending to a higher sense of ourselves we must be willing to understand that in the physical realm the only way Mankind has control over outcome, any control whatsoever, is thru choices we predictably make. The collective becomes inconsequential, anemic if you will, without a Devine Spark of the Ideal igniting each Individual in their own time and then only on a one by one at a time basis. Think of it this way: we may all eat at the same table but we process the fuel singularly and apply it individually. It is for this reason that the popular notion of “It takes a village” is so deeply flawed; the only accomplishment collectivism successfully records resides solely in its destructive capacity which is precisely why “We are forever burdened by the unknown good a broken spirit silences.”

For the same reason that a Village can never create the ripple a single Individual initiates, a Village cannot exist without the single Ideal that binds it as One!

Never forget that you are born into the Being that you are as a “Warrior in Service to the Ideal, the Plan of the Creator” and Warriors, by their very nature are resilient, of certainty (conviction), kind and relentless in the pursuit of being as both designed and intended. You are singularly individual in every way and for this reason alone you can’t possibly be neither coincidental nor accidental so remember, always, this: What becomes your course occurs only after you’ve taken the first step so make it and everyone thereafter decidedly purposeful even if it means being decidedly purposeful in discovering what your purpose is! If you make yourself available to discovery what you are meant to discover will make itself available to you, continuously, until you know it. Destiny, by its very nature, can only be inevitable. Now then,…

Wu-V19 is not the most significant of all possible Nuclear Moments but it is one, nonetheless. Is it a predetermined “moment” of deliberate intent, is some nasty and far off god punishing mankind? Absolutely yes on one and no as to the later but I believe its far more relevant to understand that however you reply to the previous question one must always be considerate of the deliberate nature of any causal force producing an inevitable effect after all there is no such thing as non-effect to a known cause and yet how conscious or deliberate the cause may likely be, at the moment, is not yet known but the time will come when it is. On the subject of punishment, yes, we are being punished but it’s mankind who is doing or providing the punishment and God has nothing to do with it. This of course is a wonderful time to consider the third domain of knowledge (referenced above) and that it is a marvelous tool that the Creator has made available as a means for giving mankind a swift kick in the ass (or head). Discovering that which you didn’t know and didn’t know that you didn’t know it can be, if one is sufficiently willing and equally alert, a profoundly transformative event; it was for Noah, I’m fairly certain!

So then, who benefits from Wu-V19? The short answer is that some wretched, subhuman Neanderthal-type with a false sense or misplaced identity considered that they should; a feeble short-sighted attempt at asserting some twisted notion of supremacy but the truth is that the universe never provides a particularly durable life-span for these types so while I find the question most intriguing, perhaps much as I suspect you do as well. Actually, I’m far more interested in how these circumstances set the stage for the “what” that is to follow after all now that we know that which we’d previously hadn’t known, and didn’t know that we didn’t, surely there must be some form of renaissance on the horizon, no? Well, my outlook/response to this query appears much more in the form of a prayer than it does in some form of retribution so then why not consider this latest NuMo as a transformational opportunity for each of us and by extension for the nation as a whole. From this Inspirational Event we amass to reaffirm and move further along the course to become a Nation of Staunch Individualists Aligned with One Another About Our Common Ideal which then becomes yet another truly magnificent Nuclear Moment with a kinetic force capable of transforming the entire planet! If you look at history you’ll discover that this notion is not as far off as it might seem; Thomas (as in, “doubting!”)

However small that transformation might be, overtime, it inevitably becomes a monumental force! Always Work to Bless the World with The Gift of You and Never Allow Any One or Thing Prevent You From Doing So!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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