You Be Clunker

June 19, 2009 

 Well the never ending march unto oblivion continues with the latest appendage:  Cash for Clunkers!  Another Federal Stimulus package orchestrated by Global Finance at the expense of U.S. Sovereignty,  The Peoples Purse Strings and Sound Concepts of Fiscal Discipline! 

The idea is also yet another example of how detached we’ve become to the idea of our fiduciary duty to honor one another sacred rights. 

Oh yes, this program is far too much of a blunder to not pass and the predictable “taking sides” will insure its passage, regardless of the Cost. However, the key point to observe will be these: 

□       Will anyone be willing to NOT purchase a vehicle and accept the “Credit” because of the cost to the Nation? 

□       Will the individual who purchases a Honda, Toyota or a Hyundai reframe from making their purchase if the price of doing so were to be the loss of yet another American job?  

□       Will Nancy Pelosi and her clone Harry Reid toss it over board on Constitutional Grounds? 

□       Will the Public be told that this is a “global program” that finds it’s roots in the European Union? 

Here are my predictions: 

  1. It will pass.
  2. It will be extended.
  3. More foreign made vehicles will sale than U.S. made.  I’ll estimate 10:1.
  4. I predict the actual cost to the U.S. Taxpayer will approximately $25,000/vehicle and not the professed cost of $2,500 – $4,500 (credit) per vehicle. 

A Dealer friend of mine, as I would expect, is thrilled with the idea and of course he say’s my numbers are grossly inflated.   I simply responded by saying “You’d better hope so or you’ll owe me a new car!” True, my numbers are based on a very simple calculation.   Really, very simple, I took the number of vehicles, over the projected 3 month period (July, August, September) that could be sold during this period, I subtracted this number from the best numbers I could find indicating “unsold dealer inventories” and then made the following assumption: that the underlying motive of the Government is to fund the wholesale liquidation of all unsold inventory as well as current production in progress. 

(Note: estimates are a blend of stats procured from various “Google” searches and I readily confess this is not a statistically pure attempt.) 

In other words,  the number I came up with is, in essence,  is the total cost per car (to the taxpayer)  for only those cars that would have ONLY sold because of the available Credit and added to this “cost per car”  the added cost of providing “credits” for those cars that would have sold anyways.  

Only time will tell if I’m completely nuts!   Somehow, knowing the Government as I do,  they will find a way to destroy any concept of reason and demonstrate, supremely,  every conceivable notion of the preposterous and  absurd! 

You are, already, a Global Conscript,  you just haven’t been forced, yet,  to wear the uniform! 

In no way is the following an endorsement of the tragedy and the correspondent submission of a People, however, watching and observing the events of the last 25 years, through the lens of historical perspective,  I can understand how it is possible for a nation, such as pre-WWII Germany, to silently submit to the archetypical form of tyranny.  It’s likely they didn’t even know it was happening, until, the “soma” wore off and it was too late. 

There is no such thing as a “credit” earned, by the mere fact it can be assigned, is evidence that you never owned it in the first place! 

Remember always:  What the Government gives, it must first acquire by taking!  What it then gives to one, it has taken from another!  Conscription of value is only a form of slavery – endorsed by the absence of conscience and noble virtue! 

This is not Freedom! 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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