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Standing in Line: A Meaningless Form

Consider this: The ordinary man, his name is Bill, walking down the street who stops when he notices a long line of people standing along the sidewalk of full City block; he looks to his left and right and to him it appears as if the line continues around the block in both directions. His curiosity peaked he crosses the street and asks; “So, what’s this all about?”  One guy responds, “Can’t you see, we’re standing in line!” Within seconds the ribbon of people turn and look at him erupting into a dissonant cacophony of reprimands, “hey stupid, can’t you see there’s a line here, not cuts, go back to the end of the line!”  Annoyed by the response Bill continues along the line occasionally asking the same question receiving a similar response; he turns the corner and again he sees that the line does indeed continue.  He ask a woman; “Mam, can you tell me where the end of the line is?” She responds by pointing over her shoulder and with a bruising pitch proclaims,  “It’s back there!”  

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Defending the Indefensible!

There is an old saying among lawyers, as I recall it sounds something like this:  If the facts are against you, argue the law; if the law is against you, argue the facts; if the facts and the law are against you, then just plain argue!  I’ve witnessed, first hand, this practice and I confess a skilled and impassioned orator affects impressive results, or at least entertaining theatre, using this strategy.  Still, even the seasoned advocate is constrained by court decorum and procedural restrains.

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Why? The Imperfect Messenger Foundation

Why? The Imperfect Messenger Foundation

As time passes the ideals worth preserving often become subject to fatigue and changing fashions.  Absent a focused interest, a people and their culture, history shows, begin to loose their foundation, their sense of purpose, the very compass that condensed their collective ideals.  Seemingly an inconspicuous process until circumstances arise that cause one to question:  What has happened? The Imperfect Messenger Foundation was founded, in part, to provide a forum for both commentary and inquiry.  Listen, if you will, as Curtis Greco speaks on the subject of “Why?”

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Introduction to the “Blind Vision Series”

Introduction to the “Blind Vision Series”

Hear Curtis talk about the “Blind Vision” Series.  A personal and intimate look in to the message behind each of the 3 Volumes in the Series and why their theme is so very important to every American!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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As if there isn’t bumbling on this topic sufficient to cover the planet with a thick coat of grey sludge, it seems unavoidable that someone – sooner or later – should touch on the most critically important point that none in the media dare tackle! The “topic” of course is the much maligned Arizona Immigration Law and the missing abstracts of relevance that are ignored!


I’ve been combing through the “grey sludge” since the beginning and still, I don’t see the topic raised, still, I see no one, not even the Arizona Governor, address the issue with any real, “…well as a matter of fact…” – depth.

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