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Why? The Imperfect Messenger Foundation

Why? The Imperfect Messenger Foundation

As time passes the ideals worth preserving often become subject to fatigue and changing fashions.  Absent a focused interest, a people and their culture, history shows, begin to loose their foundation, their sense of purpose, the very compass that condensed their collective ideals.  Seemingly an inconspicuous process until circumstances arise that cause one to question:  What has happened? The Imperfect Messenger Foundation was founded, in part, to provide a forum for both commentary and inquiry.  Listen, if you will, as Curtis Greco speaks on the subject of “Why?”

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As if there isn’t bumbling on this topic sufficient to cover the planet with a thick coat of grey sludge, it seems unavoidable that someone – sooner or later – should touch on the most critically important point that none in the media dare tackle! The “topic” of course is the much maligned Arizona Immigration Law and the missing abstracts of relevance that are ignored!


I’ve been combing through the “grey sludge” since the beginning and still, I don’t see the topic raised, still, I see no one, not even the Arizona Governor, address the issue with any real, “…well as a matter of fact…” – depth.

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A Farewell to Remember!

I’ve occasion to enjoy the study of history.  The intrigue of amassing and tracing past experiences developed from, largely, personal trials forcing me to look for understanding, for direction, for resolution.


I found, quite interestingly enough, that ones present circumstances have company in the archives of those lives who have gone before and I found little difference in “then” versus “now” travails. In short, time passes by, faces may change yet – the ruse of life’s routines remain, remarkably static.


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Immigration Bias Fractures Principal

“When none seek to converge on the ideal, what becomes the outcome is none but the inevitable curse of bias intentioned advantage.”  

 And so, you have the politics of divisiveness being predictably and artfully articulated not from the position of the “ideal” but solely from the position of “advantage”.  

Case in point:  Mr. Obama, as well as several members of the House and Senate, weigh in with heavy-handed demagoguery assailing the sovereign rights of the State of Arizona labeling their efforts as “divisive” and “reckless”.  Several California Officials having gone so far as to make the claim that Arizonans are “bigots” and “racists” tendering such infantile matters of recourse such as suspending business with or boycotting the State of Arizona.   Then of course, there is the inevitable scourge of objections conspicuous by the media sound-bites memorializing the “well-meaning and spirited” public.  This practice is patently disingenuous and shameful.  

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The Waive of Conflict

In the practice of our daily lives we set about engaging in the myriad of task that define what becomes of our lives.  We greet the day with a sense of purpose built upon a foundation, a personal commitment to a certain and specific outcome and we quietly and inconspicuously go about applying ourselves to its fulfillment.  For the most part, these pursuits are noble. 

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