Inauguration Day Past

January 21, 2009

 Presidential Inaugurations!   Why don’t we simply call them “coronations”!   I really don’t have much to say on this subject so this posting will be very short!

Couple of points:

1. Why do I get the feeling that the nation has just been given a dose of hemlock?

2. Why is so much money spent?  Is the approach one that expresses the notion being thus: the louder the noise the greater the concealment of plunder?  Or,

 3. Is more to the truth of Marie Antoinette’s famous reply, when all around her were the signs of a collapsing France, “Well, then, let them eat cake.”

In the case of Mr. Obama, is it that we’re celebrating the final and ultimate cure for “white guilt”!   If this notion is so righteous then why is there no American Prime Minister of Britain,  or a Chinese Prime Minister of Japan or a Polish Prime Minister of Germany or perhaps an Aztec Prime Minister of Spain?

 Hell,  my Ancestors were Roman slaves for nearly 200 years,  I should at least get a Ferrari or a Gelato? No?

That’s it!!!  We NEED MORE GUILT and MORE GUILTY PEOPLE!!!!!   Then,  we can outlaw mushrooms because they generate far to much CO2!!!   There you go, now we can have guilty fungi!  

Looking at the maize of faces and the pubescent jubilee, I’m reminded of a time back when I was n High School, my parent allowed me to stay home when the left for a 3-4 day trip.   I was so excited and effervesced with the joy of my emancipation until I discovered, unfortunately only after I called up a half-dozen or so friends, that my Father had taken the keys to the car! 

There’s always someone who’s sure they’re smarter than you, regardless of what you may think!!

Enjoy it while it lasts,  the effects will be lasting!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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