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August 19, 2009

What a great word, “EconoFaux”!  I decided to create a word that described “ a bold and blatant falsehood on matters of or relating to functional and practical economic engagements or actions which accurately describe and/or otherwise conform in such a manner as to support or authenticate the idea express by an FEI (Flat Earth Idolatry).”

EconoFaux culprits tend to be: 

  • Government Agent or Agencies
  • Politicians
  • Recipients of Government Entitlements/Benefits
  • Union Operatives
  • Anyone who has never been solely responsible for the fuel source of a checkbook
  • Activists or Activist related Organizers
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Sadim vs Midas Touch

June 1, 2009

Nothing like a good semordnilap to set one straight! Always looking for a new and invigorating way to describe the unexplainable,  I was toying with the word Midas (you know the Ancient Greek known for his skill at turning anything he touched to gold) looking for a unique way to describe the opposite.  I toyed with “Mudus Touch” (turn to mud), “Mitus Touch” (as in dust mites) and so on but then I discovered a word, semordnilap which is palindromes spelled backwards, I had an idea!  How perfect is that? 

“The Sadim Touch”,  everything Sadim touches, it turns to chaos! 

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