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Kinetic Behavioral Dynamics & the Essential Compass

Always an engaging topic for interactive presentation, listen to Curtis Greco “tease the conversation” on the topic he’s developed entitled Kinetic Behavioral Dynamics.  You’ll enjoy the subject and you’ll want to know more!

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Chinese Yuan, the Device of Currency

The impact of “policy” on the rights and ambitions of Folks who would otherwise – and quite simply so – pursue the functions of their daily lives, unimpeded by the impositions of impulse abstract influences, is continuously under assault. 


“The single object of sound government lies in the service of preserving the unalienability of man and his providential rights.”


“Abstract Influences” threaten the “service” of this purpose by the crafting of spurious dialogue masking their true intent. Near countless examples exist from which to choose to illustrate the various forms, let’s focus on just one. 

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The Economy of Freedom


What follows is an excerpt from the book, Blind-Vision: Volume II – Value Given, Value Received.”  Yes I will hope that in the coming months Americans the world over will come to realize the importance of this 3 volume series and make every effort to read and absorb the material.  In the mean time and with consideration to the rapidly accelerating collapse of our government structure and by extension, our national economy, I find this particular section quite (acutely) relevant.  I trust you will as well!


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Geithner, EU and Greece

I selected these three iconic references as symptomatic of what goes round-the-globe in the image of a dog chases an ever diminishing tail – asymmetrical response.


The unpolished truth of the global financial playground is akin to ones alarm should your child find themselves in a sand-box having been mistaken, by a cat, for a litter-box.  The cat may not have known the difference but you most certainly do!


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Banking Reform and Insanity

I’ve just finished reading the proposed and dubiously dubbed Wall Street Reform Act which, if enacted, I am confident has absolutely no hope of addressing the systemic risks or features responsible for the environmental components key to the systems financial melt-down.

What the “Bill” does of course is to illustrate how routinely uninformed and easily manipulated Senators, for example, Mr. Dodd, D-Conn, Mr. Grassley, R-Iowa, Ms. Sens. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn, and Jeff Merkley, D-Ore , to name but a few, actually are.

More over, grievous errors in practice such as this proposition represent are the very type of miss-adventure the public should be closely watching and strongly object.

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