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Tax Reform: Sacred Corporate Cow!

There are far too many false-truths surrounding the in-progress Tax Reform discussion each with the potential of further elevating the Corporate Juggernaut beyond the sacred cow status it presently holds, perhaps on to the omniscient deity domain.

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Skinny’s Dead; Scheming Very Much Alive!

While Republican Senators John McCain of Arizona, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine stand, along with the entire Democratic Party, as front-line stewards of congestive failure, the real loss is measured in the distance between promises made and promises kept, the ideals of representative democracy and elected officials reverence for it.

It has long been my opinion and recommendation that the Repeal & Replace concept should have been sidelined until a roll-out of a Complete Replacement Plan was published. The critical issue to be observed here is this: The Senate couldn’t muster the 51 votes from either Party to pass the so-called “Skinny” Bill which further confirms the severity of the underlying problem.

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Tax Plans Only Part of the Solution

As Trump (and others) talks tax-reform it is important to know that rate reductions, though significant, are only part of the solution. True, taxation often works to counter economic development, the rise of which (tax rates) follows growth in government which then trends toward economic deceleration; the facts are undeniable.

In order to trigger an economic resurgence it is insufficient to merely reduce “rates” as this action does nothing to address what occurs with the funds retained that would have otherwise gone to government coffers. The solution is to tether Corporate Tax Rates to a scale that is based on their investment in Domestic Productive Capacity and in the Technology Development that makes use of it.

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The Problem with Corporate Tax Reform

The ideology of governance has it dead wrong and regardless of the history that proves the error it appears that in an effort to restore a modicum of civic-centered action the GOP is at risk for legislating ignorance, again.

Here are the most critical reasons why the idea fails so proficiently:

(1) Using taxpayer dollars to incentivize an economic activity has never worked (“cash for clunkers”); funding corporate economic activity was once the function of banking and the stock market.

(2) Corporations do not create economic activity; they respond to demand backed by liquidity (capable of payment or trade of some kind).

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Seeding Inflation: The Economic Cure

 The illusion of complexity is merely a device of concealment used to deflect the obvious and common sense. 

The great drama of Politics has become so detached from economic realities that it no longer views fiscal matters in terms of fundamentals but in terms of temporary resolutions or transient and soon forgotten consequence. One moment saving Wall Street from certain collapse and the next crafting meaningful and insightful pandering policy while few seem to take notice of the great charade taking place; all in the name of saving a dying economic paradigm. 

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