Trump: Bait’n Tweet!

While many view Trump’s use of Twitter as a loathsome tool of demagoguery in actuality he’s managed to accomplish something quite remarkable. In an era of 24/7 news cycle the media has mostly used Twitter as a mining source for feeding their compulsive demand for content; Trump, on the other hand, has used it as a trap.

Trump understood that despite his persona, wealth and notoriety he was a political outsider and that as President he would face near-continuous opposition from the monumental structure of the political elite. On the surface the play-nice-among-friends routine appears quite nauseating however, outside the specter of public view, the process is quite vicious.

With a level of cunning and acuity that seems second nature, Mr. Trump understood that to fight this battle he would have to force exposure of those waging war against him and in a manner that would ultimately press the opposition into exposing their own culpability. By pronouncing various narratives and at the time seemingly bombastic missives, Mr. Trump has completely set the conventional media/political machinery into a near cyclonic-tizzy, and they deserve it.

Where former Presidents would use their daily-press briefings or on the even more rare occasion, a primetime address, to counter a gut-punch, Trump has completely bypassed the processes and by doing so entirely removes the Press from the narrative and given his massive Twitter following, he’s able to make a primetime address nearly every time he posts.

How far will this approach aid in his efforts to drain-the-swamp is yet unknown but what we do know is this: He’s managed to get Comey to publicly confirm that he was not under investigation, to confirm that the unlawful “unmasking” of Flynn took place, that Comey was the source of various leaks, that former A.G. Lynch was running-cover for the Clintons and I expect that before long the Obama Administration will suffer a similar fate.

Already, the “Russian-Collusion” narrative is beginning to die under the weight of the oppositions as the likes of Senators Wyden, McCain and Schiff seek shelter from the media spotlight. As to Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and Deputy A.G. Rosenstein there is a clear risk that their political alliances could prove to be a challenge for the Trump Administration, but from the Trump perspective the prospects of collusion or enablement, with or by the Democrats, may in fact be yet another high-flying Zeppelin that ultimately favors Trump.

In other words, if their (Mueller & Rosenstein) efforts appear as if they are beyond the scope and/or politically adverse to Trump it will risk the Dems appearing to have wrongly manipulated the process. So, again, from the view of the President all he needs is for either of them to make a wrong move or go beyond the scope of reason and the Presidents accusations, that a politically motivated witch-hunt had been hatched for the purpose of derailing his Administration and that there was a deliberate effort to protect/aid the Clinton’s, is proven.

Despite the rhetoric-of-the-day I fully expect by mid-July Mueller is going to face a point of reconciliation and that is this: There is insufficient meat on the spit and it’s simply not enough to bother with firing up the barbeque and they give Comey a slap on the wrist. For the Clinton’s I expect that the ongoing investigations, by the State Department and the Attorney General, will move forward, although I’m not quite committed to the thought that the Wife of a Former President will ever face the gavel.

In the end, it remains my belief that were it not for Trumps actions (Tweets), much if not all of this information would never have seen the light of day so I for one recommend he continue to do so as it is highly likely that as more of this type of information becomes available the Washington Cabal of Misfits will tighten the clamps on these hearings and move more toward “closed-door” sessions.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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