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Denny Schaffer interviews Author Curtis Greco

Denny Schaffer’s show airs on 920 WGKA in Atlanta, GA.  Solid “fluid” commentary on various economic and politically intimate issues.  This is a man with a heart of a lion and a proven commitment to a message that “speaks” to America.  Do connect with him either by radio or he “streams” live on www.dennyradio.com!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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China and the Economy of Derivative

The simplicity of finance and economics is masked by illusion of complexity.  Creating a language and device all its own is the methodology applied by the architects of advantage who have learned, by generational adventurism, that the further away from substantive practices you go the easier it becomes to conceal the truth.  Or, paraphrasing Joseph Goebbels own words, “…the lie repeated often enough becomes the truth.”

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Dr. Paul Krugman – Theory & Lustre Lost!

The following entry is actually a posting a placed in response to Dr. Krugman’s NYT artical entitle “Against the Super-Asinine….”  I thought it was sufficiently relevant that I believe you might find it of value too – so here it is:


“Dr. Paul,  the only consensus in “macro” is the incongruent thought equal to the belief that one can find clarity in murky and whimsical waters.


As we’ve talked before, Keynesian Theory is sustainable only within the enclave of protected habitat.  In the real world, where true and “native” economy actually occurs, it is wrought with conflict and divided interests.  Here are a few examples:

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Chinese Yuan, the Device of Currency

The impact of “policy” on the rights and ambitions of Folks who would otherwise – and quite simply so – pursue the functions of their daily lives, unimpeded by the impositions of impulse abstract influences, is continuously under assault. 


“The single object of sound government lies in the service of preserving the unalienability of man and his providential rights.”


“Abstract Influences” threaten the “service” of this purpose by the crafting of spurious dialogue masking their true intent. Near countless examples exist from which to choose to illustrate the various forms, let’s focus on just one. 

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The Economy of Freedom


What follows is an excerpt from the book, Blind-Vision: Volume II – Value Given, Value Received.”  Yes I will hope that in the coming months Americans the world over will come to realize the importance of this 3 volume series and make every effort to read and absorb the material.  In the mean time and with consideration to the rapidly accelerating collapse of our government structure and by extension, our national economy, I find this particular section quite (acutely) relevant.  I trust you will as well!


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