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Subservient State; Democracy Thrives

Democracies thrive when the State is subservient to the People; once the State’s first choice is to save itself you know it has failed. The process requires an enduring cast of characters and there have been many colorful characters over the decades wearing at the core of this Nation’s structural order however let’s consider, for now, the most prominent, our chief caricatures, the preeminent fixtures of the statists, the most recognizable being none other than John McCain and, more and more frequently, the spit-bucket man himself, California’s Massachusetts-born carpet bagger, Adam Schiff. The character of a People is evidenced by the actions of its Government, the actions by those who hold the Peoples trust; this is a most humbling measure!

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Pelosi Façade Exposed by Challenge

Like many elected officials accustomed to the security curtain of scripted lies, Ms. Pelosi’s only defense was to stage a charge across the House floor, toward her challenger, Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa). The fact is there is little to champion in the House’s latest effort to address the despicable Border/Immigration antics, led by the White House and the Dems. It is however refreshing to see a certain willingness on the part of a select few officials to name and shame those responsible; we need more of it.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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Ignorance Collapsing on Itself

Standing before the Pyramids of Egypt or the Roman Coliseum one can’t help be overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of these structures’ design and the effort expended in their construction. Ironically no one has yet been able to figure out how the Pyramids were built and as to the Coliseum there is no faithful record of its many design features and it systems; the only evidence of these remarkable achievements persist merely in their remains the method and means having been lost somewhere within the passages of time.  

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“Circum-Sal-Ation” – A Pandemic Art

Last week I was afforded a wonderful opportunity to share the airwaves with Denny Schaffer, a wonderful host of a vibrant talk show broadcasting on 920 WGKA in Atlanta, Ga.  We were talking about the dismal failure of the Stimulus Bill and the vacuity of the Wall Street Financial Reform Bill which had passed earlier in the day.

Denny’s show became the first public appearance of a new term which I had coined to express what no single word seems capable of doing.  My regular readership will not be particularly surprised by this as I do my own fair share of “wordsmithing.”

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The Policy of License


The “mark” one makes of their life effervesces with and becomes emblematic of the dialogue of ones individual thinking, we might even say, one personal philosophy. It is in the way one greats the day, the tone of ones outlook, sense of duty, honor, industry and faith. Merged with a sufficient number of others who express similar perspectives and you have what we think of as a culture. Or,  as I might express it; “…a convergence of the many about a common ideal.”


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