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Supreme (Court) Failure, Again.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT); our first order of business, is a supremely infantile notion whose origins, not surprisingly, recall the halcyon first-term era of the Clinton Administration.  It was a delightful time, Vincent Foster, as I recall, was still alive and the news content always salacious.  Ah yes, the Clinton’s, never a blank stare with those two.  Where was I? Oh yes, DADT; the notion is completely misanthropic by construct and substantively defiant as to form. How’s that for an intro?

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What if, Health Care?

Judging from the commentaries and poling data orbiting about the celestial news media it would appear that America is approaching a state of willing consciousness. I speak specifically to the subject of National Health Care as it appears that the American People may be discovering the truth of Partisan Bully-Politics and its predilection for defining centralized-failure as a common goal which, by the way, is not at all that dissimilar to mass-suicide. 

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WiNiP v10.10a – What is Spoken, What is Heard

What I Noticed in Passing….

“The obvious is most often only conspicuous by intention.  We observe what is shown yet what needs to be known is often obscured and deliberately so.”


There is a great tension in the air, a great uneasiness of opaque expectancies lurking about and I dare say, as I’ve written at great length in the Blind Vision Series, the well crafted and tenaciously managed structure of the Political Über-Structure at last appears to be exposing its naked indifference.

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