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Tis the Season so be your Gift!

I’m thinking that the reason for why the world’s in such a mess is mostly because there are an insufficient number of folks interested in doing anything about it.

Cultures, Societies, and Nations ultimately fail largely because they lose, in ever increasing numbers, the singular potency of the Individual, the irreplaceable identity of what is Sacred, of Sovereign, of the Billions and Billions of One-And-Only’ s (You) that have, over time, come and gone.

While we may find safety within the community of the horde it requires only the singular exercise of One to incites movement, to introduces or exposes a thought into action, an imagined image into form and so on; we ought not to lose sight of this truth.

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A Day for Every Day!

Strip away the glitter and colored lights, silence the guns that rhetoric ignites. The Christmas message is pure and sweet; love is a candle and you are its light!

Mankind is in a desperate struggle; the enemy is neither a devil nor is it a nation-state; the fight occurs between the image we indulge and the reality that is. One is simple, fashionable and transient while the other is what is absolute and seems so unachievable.

Love is neither fashionable nor transient, either simple or unachievable. It must only and ever be absolute and for this reason it must matter for if it is to be meaningful it must mean everything!

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Given to be Given

“In all that is perfect one finds the presence and expression of Divine light; yet in the domain of infinite time this perfect potential lays dormant until given. Yes, given! The Child is not the origin of light yet as to purpose they are inseparable; all have been given to the infinite light and not unlike a mirror you receive and reflect in the measure of your desire. Infinite and Brilliant is the capacity which you have been given; be given to reflecting and expressing that which is infinitely brilliant; it becomes for all a reflection as you alone define it.” 

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Christmas for a Reason

In the first book of Luke we learn that John the Baptists birthday precedes that of Jesus by six months. Depending on how one calculates, due to various Hebrew traditions, the month in which John’s birthday was to have occurred, Jesus’ birthday may have been as early as September or possibly as late as the first week of January.  What ever the date and/or ones religious convictions the foundations upon which lay the very essence of his (Jesus’) teachings are ones which compel mankind to a higher plane of thought and hopefully, action.  To love and even more so, to draw man in to the making ever more perfect the outcome of his efforts. By doing so, do we not then also, by extension, become cause in perfecting the lives of others?  I believe so.

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A Hope and Message

As I recall, the year was 1993 and I was sitting with a dear friend who was nearing the end of her life.  She was diagnosed, a year earlier, with a terminal illness and her corporal form was yielding to the inevitable. She looked at me and said, “Curtis, please sing for me, sing me that song I heard you sing the other day, you know, the one about ‘…count your blessings instead of sheep!”  I did, of course, honor her request and I remember the moment well.  As I sang each word my eyes filled with tears mostly because of all the possible things she could have asked of me, what she wanted most was this simple song and she asked that I sing it to her.  Me, she wanted Me, to sing for her!   

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