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North Korea: A Strategic Change?

No matter how one spins the event occurring in Singapore the facts remain that the Administration has been working on the Korean Peninsula issue since day one; a truly monumental effort occurring (largely) behind the scenes.

“…the U.S. will be the least of his worries.” 

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Oil: How Low Can It Go!

Out of the box, let’s start with lesson number one:
1) There has never been a shortage of crude oil; ever!
2) If you want to control the price of a thing, in this case oil, then control the supply.
3) If you want to have unlimited spending power then you must first find a borrowing source that uses the same currency (or exchange for a currency) that you use.
4) The degree to which you can have control over the amount of spending, and the control that spending acquires, then you must also expand/spread the common use of that currency (this is the function of a Central Bank and its integration into a Global Banking scheme.)
5) The most efficient way to expand/spread the common use of a currency is to find the most commonly used commodity and require that the purchase of that commodity use your currency.
Now then, return to item 1 and repeat as often as no one is willing to challenge your control system. These few points describe the Global Banking System (the IMF lead by the Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland of which the U.S. Fed and the U.K. equivalent are key players).  Now you understand why Russia is being made to appear as an extremely volatile threat and why the Middle-East is of such interest to the West and why China wants control of the South China Sea (massive western controlled oil reserves). Given that it is likely you will be going to war in the region (again) it’s high time you know. The Western Banking System knows that the debt loads are growing exponentially and simply cannot (ever) be settled.
The only way to survive the inevitable economic slaughter is to continuously expand their financial scheme. How low will oil go and for how long? As low and as long as it takes to destroy the Putin Regime in Russia and the Communist Regime in China; it is estimated that at $44-50/barrel Saudi Arabia can survive (on its cash reserves) for 6-7 years. At that level, it is estimated that Russia can hold out for 2-3 years. China’s a bit more difficult as their economy is structurally a bit more diverse than Russia, but socially far more unpredictable than Russia. For this reason the West is working thru Hong Kong to establish a foot hold of civil unrest as it plans and perfects its regime-change strategy for China.
Curtis C. Greco, Founder
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ISIS – To Error is Human, To Destroy Takes a Desperate Narcissist!

My how the Plutocrats love to create labels. It’s an awfully efficient way to create an enemy and redirect the public toward the rigors of an impulse driven response; just put a label on it and you’re done! ISIS, huh? The Islamic State of Iraq & Syria which nicely fits right in with the generic and disenfranchises Islamists, Al Qaeda, the Haqqani, the Taliban, Hamas, Abu Nidal and so on and each convenient covers for the main story that no one wants to cover and fewer care to track.

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Is Currency Driving Russian Conflict

Corporatizing the globe; a new phenomenon? Clearly not, but in an era of the key-stroke push-of-the-button phalanx, much happens far more quickly than ever before; including mistakes with incalculable consequences.

The U.S. Economy, what there is of it, survives solely on its ability to maintain the dollar’s reserve currency status; well known is the FEDs practice of selling-off gold-positions in an effort to support the dollar. The problem is the U.S. is running out of (if not already) gold.

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The Metrics of an Active Miscalculation

With 80 percent of Europe in support of Russian Ukraine/Crimea strategy it’s absolutely clear that US Policy-nymphs are missing a critical point. Seems that the only influence in support of what “the West” is doing (code for U.S./U.K./Germany) are those who are directing the agenda.

It’s clear that the goal is to break-up Putin’s Russia, but what is missed is the blow-back. Clearly Putin isn’t going to open the gates to Mother-Russia and by what right, I ask you, should he? Fast-forward; this sequence of miscalculations will only press a more impenetrable alliance between Russia & China who, itself, is eager to lay waste to Western influence in the Asian theater.

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