The Hu Doctrine

The passage of time will need to record a far greater measure of future events to ultimately determine the durability of China’s standing amongst the nations of the world; though the current regime has only been in place since the late 1940’s, the maturation process of the Chinese culture can be traced back well before 7000 BC. It has weathered a variety of internal conflicts, dynastic rule, the British imposed addiction of its population through the point-of-a-gun opium trade, the marauding Japanese and the open brutality of political oppression to name but a few. 

As I write in the Blind Vision Series, globalism is nothing more than the corporatization of sovereign nations for the express purpose of using what become, in effect, satellite states who then are used to orchestrate, secure and manage financial interests. I clearly understand this may seem an unsettling perspective but let me ask you this: in what way did the Chinese people benefit from the opium wars, the Japanese people from the exploits of Tojo, the German people and Hitler, the Italian people and Mussolini, the Arab nomadic tribes and Britain, the various African tribes and the French, Dutch and Muslims and then of course, what of the American people and our own so-called Elected Officials? Yes, there are other peoples who’ve suffered similar fates and by no intended offense do I exclude each however my truer purpose is to refine the issue to the following point: Through all of these cycles of violence and deceit one thing, one single entity always persists: Corporatized Government.  Sadly, this is the face of American Government as well. 

With the previous as a segue aside, let us resume the subject of China and The Hu Doctrine

The Chinese is an aged and rich culture and effectively un-intimidated by the opaque and academic forms of political and economic discourse for which they have no regard; they respect only strength.  To be sure, they view Corporatized American and other Nation-State Government as pathetic and benign having every good and sane reason to believe so.   

I believe that history is in the process of repeating itself and it appears that the opium wars, being interrupted by the exploits of WWII-era Japan, have been replaced with an entirely more efficient conquest-by-addiction: money and consumerism.  I believe that an entirely new alternative to bloodless war is now in full swing however make no mistake it can easily turn bloody and from the view of both sides of history,  we have ample evidence to support this possibility.  Here’s how the process works: 

  1. Open up China to a dialogue with the West. Began with Nixon in the 1970’s.
  2. At earliest opportunity introduce familiarity to western fair to create and stir both familiarity and curiosity.
  3. Expand trade further by financial enticements to select officials. Feed their guile.
  4. Stir public dissent as to their economic standards as compared to those of other nations for purposes of destabilizing existing government (political) structure.
  5. Present economic solutions to the now troubled nation by offering and introducing foreign investment so as to raise standards of living.
  6. New wealth is created and shifted toward the Political Elite who now become structurally attached to the economic interests whose expertise they now openly welcome and endorse.
  7. Attempt to shame the target nation in the court of global opinion by assailing their human rights violations while enhancing external economic and political pressure and conspicuous gun-boat diplomacy all to protect economic interests of those concerned.
  8. Integrate the now growing economy into the global regime of Corporatized Governments and the People will follow.  

Now then if you observe China’s evolution over the past 50 years in particular, this is precisely (as it has been used routinely throughout the last 250+ years) what has occurred and every key Sino-Anglo event of the last 20 years illustrates how it has accelerated and will continue to do so.  Now, it is important also to recall the very same outcome of this process as to Japan who opted not to concede its sovereignty: December 7th, 1941.  Still, in the end, Japan became a satellite none-the-less. 

The price for this all occurring has been your individual economic sovereignty and though there are many indicators supporting China’s fabulous growth, let me direct you to consider the most conspicuous of these that are specific to my statement: 

  • China’s capital investment, as a percentage of GDP, is 4 times that of the U.S.
  • U.S. Corporate Investment in China is nearly $10 for every $1 invested domestically (period 2000 thru 2009).
  • From 2000 thru 2009, the U.S. has funnel $3.7 Trillion in to the Chinese Economy through direct imports while, at during the same time, only $480 Billion in U.S. imports. 

If only from these three observations one should easily be able to confirm what you already know: 

  1. Mr. Obama’s jubilant announcement earlier today of a $45 Billion export package with China is meaningless particularly as it relates to money in the pockets of the American People, employed or unemployed.
  2. Clearly these statistics support the deliberate creation of Chinese economic capacity at the expense of the U.S. economy and American’s standards of living. 
  3. Notice the frequency of Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Giethner’s, persistent admonitions toward China regarding their currency and the need for the yuan to float with the world markets. Once the Chinese do this, they lose financial control of their economy to world banking interest not unlike what has happened here in the U.S.! By the way, if you must know, inflating the value of the Chinese yuan makes the value (to the Chinese) of the U.S. Debt they hold progressively worth less. That’s a great deal for the FED and U.S. Treasury.  Yet another ruse! And,
  4. The collusion of Government processes and vested interests (adverse to your own) assuring that the desired outcome is orchestrated, secure and managed. 

There are a few other correlative issues such as the Russia-Chinese compact and the issue of the U.S. Dollar and its reserve currency status looming in the background however I believe I may have fatigued the issue and so I’ll save this discussion for another time. 

Now then with the entirety of my comments in mind, what exactly is The Hu Doctrine? In its simplest form it appears this way:  Careful U.S., we’re not Japan and we’ll use the technology that you’ve given us (or we’ve stolen from you), the productive capacity and wealth you’ve built for us to build the rope we’ll hang you with! 

The great challenge that faces the American People is still the same; how long can we endure the progressively lower standards that will increasingly bear-down on our shoulder?  How long will the American People be distracted with nonsensical dialogues of political-correctness, the global warming ruse, scarce resource disinformation, political miss-deeds, the disingenuous and apocryphal rants over same-sex marriage, the various government-mismanaged entitlement programs, unchecked immigration, unlawful search and seizure methods every time you attempt to travel by air, national health care and so on?  All the while the government-process plods-on as if marching to a tune all their own without regard to your sacred, sovereign and inalienable right!  How Long? 

“Man must be Free for Independence to be at Liberty to be Expressed!” 

How Long? 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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