2012: A Single Issue

I happened to bump in to a friend the other day at the gas station and as seems the subject of late, the conversation soon turned to fuel prices.  I’ve taken to gauge the price of fuel by the speed with which the cents accumulate. The way I figure, if you can’t read the numbers as they pass (it’s more of a blur) then you’re paying too much. I suspect the avuncular Obama would opine having something to do with me driving a gas guzzler, not of course that I would care. 

Back to the issue of fuel prices and the why none seem willing to address the issue honestly; though I agree that carbon-based fuels are long past their prime and far too vulnerable a commodity. Surely we can fast-track hydrogen fuel-cell tech development as well as manageable nuclear (thorium) reactors as sustainable alternatives to present methods. 

The fact remains, fuel prices are at the levels they are for what may be less than obvious reasons: 

  1. U.S. Oil leases do not require or confine their output to U.S. consumption.
  2. Although the U.S. Government accepts among the world’s lowest royalty percentages, it still benefits nicely from higher fuel prices.
  3. Regardless of the domestic source, Crude is traded on the global markets and is subject to the highly speculative nature of commodity exchanges.
  4. Considering that the U.S. Dollar is trading at near all-time lows against competing global currencies and the fact that Crude is traded in Dollars denominations, the natural effect of a failing dollar is higher fuel costs to Americans.
  5. EPA and State Fuel mandates command a veritable cornucopia of “blends” the consequence of which diffuses the productive refinery capacity to a most inefficient state.
  6. Concentration of Drilling Leases into a handful of Energy Companies, courtesy of the U.S. Government, constrains resources and thus higher prices result. BP & Royal Dutch Shell actually increase revenues with declining output. Now there’s an incentive!  And,
  7. The fact remains, high fuel (oil) prices are a magnificently efficient economic weapon. 

Although fuel pricing was not the intention of this dissertation it is however collateral to one issue that is far more important, the U.S. Economy. To be sure affordable energy is a critical piece of the economic puzzle and as an economic policy of its own, we have fast-tracked the issue to the political sidelines because none dare touch it save for the opaque and notably urbane comments of the politically motivated who mindlessly tease the public with we need to drill more  statements. 

What a fabulous notion to segue in to my greater point. In case the politicians haven’t noticed, U.S. Economic policy (or the lack thereof) is driving a stake through the heart of household incomes. While the polticos busy themselves with backroom discourse at Club-Biden and Mr. O’Bama saunters about the globe reclaiming his Irish heritage and embarrassing the nation with his less than presidential behavior, the lack of focused effort on so critical an issue seems destined to slip through the pandemic-threat test. 

Here are a few excerpts I’ve extracted from a recent study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research. The survey asked a very simple question:  “If you were to face a $2,000 unexpected expense in the next month, how would you get the funds you need?”  The responses were condensed as follows: 

  • 24.9% of respondents reported being certainly able,
  • 25.1% probably able,
  • 22.2% probably unable and
  • 27.9% certainly unable. 

Regardless of the applicability, statistically, to the Nation as a whole one absolute is unavoidable: The financial condition of household-America is loitering about the domain more commonly defined by terms such as highly vulnerable. 

I’ve spoken and written at great lengths on the subject of the U.S. Economy and the various means and mechanisms which should be employed to resuscitate this drowning-victim yet it appears to me, with few exceptions, that I am to be in the company of one.  True, there is a great deal of conversation on the Economy but none that I can find that actually speaks directly to viable and strategic solutions. To me it seems as if they are all waiting for something, some sort of magic arcana or hypnotic potion that will stun 60 years-worth of mismanagement and neglect back to the confines of Pandora’s Box

Well let me give you a view toward the likely outcome should ignorance and inaction continues to be the road of choice. I cite as an example the draconian measure promulgated by the E.U. and the IMF as they look to muscle Greece into submission. 

As you may recall, the EU and the IMF funded a $157.5 Billion bailout of Greece in exchange for guarantees that it would impose budget/spend austerity measures as part of a strategic restructuring of its $483 Billion (150% of its GDP) debt.  Increased concern over default on its debt and the subsequent collapse of the Greek Bank System should a default occur, the IMF has issued a demand that Greece step up its economic reforms and further expedites the sale of state assets. If the Greek Government fails to resolve the issue on its own the E.U. and IMF may take the unprecedented step of by imposing direct control over this Nation’s economy, tax collection and privatization efforts. 

Please don’t say it can’t happen here; observe how the U.S. Congress genuflects before the Global Regime of Central Bank Idolatry, too big to fail bailouts and forced submission to international trade agreements. 

As the 2012 season has unleashed itself upon the American Public I trust more and more People will awaken to the unadulterated truth that our collective future is now in the hands of approximately 190 million eligible voters. The stakes are high and unfortunate as that may be, the dearth of suitably capable candidates is far more worrisome and the two most eligible presidential candidates aren’t in the running (well, not yet); Indiana’s Gov. Mitch Daniels and Texas Gov. Rick Perry. And though I’m loath to support allowing (ever) a Senator or Congressmen to run for President, by default, the only remaining option is former Senator, Rick Santorum.       

The good news is that O’Bama has, as it presently stands, absolutely no record of merit upon which to base a successful re-election bid and so it is for any opposition candidate to lose the 2012 election and as uplifting as it sounds do not forget that McCain threw the election to Candidate O’Bama apparently favoring the insipid notion of change. 

There are a veritable plethora of topic rich features one could banter about however to my mind, 2012 is a Single Issue affair; the Economy.  However it will have to be deeper content than the superficial parlance of poli-speak, it will have to go further than the simplistic generalities of we have to create more jobs, we’ve got to control the size of government or the most painful-to-the-ear of all, the we’re going to have to tighten our belt bromide. No sir/mam, these will not do! The Blind Vision Series is an excellent content source and rest assured once the brood pairs down to the final few I will send each opposition-candidate an entire 2nd Edition set which, by the way releases June 15th

For a candidate to win against O’Bama this person is going to have to be well prepared, confident and willing to pitch a deliberate policy agenda one that goes straight to the issue and directly at O’Bama’s greatest weakness; lack of knowledge and his unmatched level of narcissism. As a strategy, I would save the specifics for late in the season so as to lure the opposition into false-targeting where and whenever possible. 

It is good to have discovered that my work is being followed by many elected officials and their staff and though it is an affirming narrative, this was never my ambition. I write primarily because I believe in the principals that lie back of what I cover and I believe each of these principals are rooted in a simple yet profound notion which you’ve heard or read many times before: 

“Man must be Free for Independence to be at Liberty to be Expressed!” 

It is a cause worth perfecting and if one were to take the time to understand the message these words intimate, then you will no doubt find they are specifically directed at you. I am no friend of tyranny and its mechanisms and if you find the message compelling then by all means spread the message. 

I pray that you. 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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