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Fed Chair’s New Face

When Christine Lagarde was named Director of the IMF (2011) reports, particularly in Europe, expressed concerns over her “more liberal tendencies”. However, she’s proven to be firmly aligned with advancing the IMF’s command which centers on strong Central Bank Control.

As if, and to be expected, cut from the same cloth one should not expect that Janet Yellen’s mantra will differ, in any significant way, than any Fed Chair before her. Maintaining a callous grip on Central Bank Authority will always be centered on insulating the financial markets of member banks and little else.

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IMF: Your Freedom & Future’s in the Balance

“Franklin slips the tattered piece of twine around each end of the bedroll his few possessions concealed within its folds, the balance packed neatly in the rucksack whose straps round-over his shoulders. He pulls the twine over his head positioning it across his chest as the bedroll settles to a point just above his right hip resting snuggly upon the well-worn letterman’s jacket he’s tied firmly about his waist. 

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The Global Lubricant: Sweet Crude

As the months pass and the U.S. economy continues its steady march toward systemic hibernation, Americans continue to endure a rather peculiar form of insurgent warfare; global-economic warfare.

Gone are the days when a U.S. President, ensconced safely upon the bully-pulpit, can lecture the American public on their excesses, the scarcity of thought and resources or re-engineer public sentiment toward peddle cars, wind-power and toxic-battery hybrids without stirring the ire of suspicion.  Even Al Gore was unable to weather the storm of contempt his manufactured carbon-credits market generated or his collusion with climatologist artful interpretation of environmental data. 

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Debt Ceiling Limit: The Cover Story

At the moment, media coverage of the proposed Debt Ceiling Limit increase has taken back stage to the events in Egypt, Obama apparently kicking his smoking-habit and various other mindless up-to-the-minute news snippets. For this reason, I suspended further commentary on the subject until the subject reemerged. Well, at least until today! 

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A Day at the Market


It was an interesting day in the Financial Markets! I’ve received a few interesting phone calls and emails in response to a few commentaries I made the other day.  It was one of my first ever call in radio events and I was a bit nervous,  once I forgot what I was doing,  I seemed to settle down and resolve to a measured degree of coherence.  I hope.   

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