Russia: A Frigid Thaw

The mantle of human frailty is rich with scores of pitiful exhibitions of conquests in search of dominance; the price is always measured in lives lost and abject poverty of conscience. The seemingly unending contest between the weak of mind and spirit, versus the unsuspecting of mind and conscious opposition; when will it ever end?  

Few realize or recall that by 1907 Russia Czar Nicholas II was rapidly making progress on what even today would be seen as radical reforms; the suspending of an “absolute” monarchy to one of a “limited” form similar to Britain. Czar Nicholas licensed the creation of the First Russian Duma and then later Peter Stolypin, as Prime Minister, who himself became known as the “Great Reformer.” His signature work was the drafting of what became known as the “Stolypin Constitution”: a document which affirmed civil rights to the entire Russian population quickly followed by comprehensive land-reforms including financial assistance for any person; the funding provided by the Czar himself who believed that the logical way to beat the Bolsheviks promise of a bucolic and communal way of life was to encourage individual ownership. 

Under Stolypin’s reforms public schools were expanded, general amnesty for political prisoners, industrial worker compensation programs for sickness and injury, election laws reformed to institute a more representative government all of which continued well after a second attempt on Stolypin’s life, in September of 1911, succeeded. The truth, as we see, is a radical departure and a far different image from the refined and projected portrait of a degenerate and despised Russian Monarchy and Noble Class. Amazing, is it not, the influence of a twisted and virulent minority.  

What history and memory fails to report is that an emancipated Russia nearly succeeded. Oddly enough the programs of the now “limited” Monarchy, and the rapidly advancing reconstruction of political and economic Russia, had won broad appeal and support of the Russian people. However, for Lenin, Stalin and their horde of misanthropic-men-of-mayhem, accompanied by their financial supporters from Europe and points further west, it was a race against time as The Great War’s financial windfall was quickly fading. For the Bolsheviks, the War in Europe was a convenient crisis as well however it was clear to them that the return of civility would likely silence their revolutionary movement. Propaganda became the tool, the Czar became the target and, dare I say, the rest is left to the selective recordings of history. By the way, one should find no coincidence in the memorialized date of the Russian Revolution, 1917, and the suspension of hostilities in Europe.  

Amazing to consider the speed at which a promising future can be so easily derailed; a few derelict minds and the abject poverty of conscience!

There exists a rather peculiar parallel between the Russian and American course of events; the Russian’s are having to sift through “Red” Propaganda and Western Influences, actively supporting political disruption, and define a sovereign and faithful course equal to the promise of a remarkable future and the Americans will need to do, virtually, the very same thing. Each Country’s must be freed of the ideological misfits and sour treachery whose very roots can be traced to Old World Europe. 

And so, as the Russians struggle through the last remnants of the Bolshevik Illusion and their remaining practitioners who still attempt the mass-merchandising of their pagan rituals, they are engaged in what can only be described as The Frigid Thaw. Meanwhile of course, the Americans are trapped in their own internal conflict as well; two sides each trapped in a death-spiraling argument and either are yet willing to admit the obvious truth:  

It is simply not possible for either side to be right if both arguments are flawed! 

It is all a most bizarre form of torment and I admit that what I am about to suggest might trigger a form of intellectual whiplash however, I believe that the Jazz Artist, Billie Holiday, would understand this torment quite will; the longing in her words pared with the timber of her voice paints a somber weeping; a sort of distant and muffled suffering as if it were a bear or an eagle whose native imprints remains tethered to the occasional yet ever fleeting sent of hope; despite being caged. No matter the song I find that there is always an unmistakable warning implicit in her artistry; enough pain, there’s already plenty to go around.  

The following is from her masterful work, God Bless the Child: 

“Money, you’ve got lots of friends, Crowding round the door;
 when you’re gone spending ends,
They don’t come no more.” 

What is common to both of these Country’s is the commonality of cause and this excerpt, from Ms. Holiday’s music, speaks directly of it. I’ve cause to wonder if anyone cares to know what “it” is.  If perchance you do, that is, care to know then you will also want to be equipped with the following point of reference: 

There are never coincidences when and where money and power converge.  


I do hope we pass through this charade soon; the future’s here, it’s happening all around you!  

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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