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WiNiP | What I Noticed in Passing forms the following question:

When you negate a component of the foundation upon which your premise stands do you not then defeat the entire structure upon which your premise/ambition is based?

Examples: When you surrender your liberty are you still (really) free to make any choice? Or, another way of pitching the point: If your choices are limited only to those made available is one truly at liberty to freely choose? If your concept of Freedom is the liberty to make a choice then does it not also require one to be free from the imposition of consequence occurring from the choice made by another?

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America | The Promise of an Ideal

July 4th, a day to ponder the thought of what it all means, to listen to and consider the comments offered by those who respond to questions such as: “Are you proud to be an American?”or “What does Independence Day mean to you?” Over the years I’ve listened to the various responses and often I am deeply moved, inspired, thankful, on occasion disappointed and yet, I am always left with a sense of resilient hope.

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Constitutional Reprieve?

The closing term of the High Court brought about a body of decisions which have revived the hearts of constitutionalists while sending the secular-progressives into a state of malignant candor. None-the-less the greater question, that of a constitutional premise, is still largely ignored or at the very least completely un-resolved.

In its simplest terms I believe that, as to the American form of Constitutionally Mandated Limited Government, it boils down to the simplest filter of all; imposition and the eternal conflict between governance and the extent to which the weapon of government is used to impose upon one the will of another.

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Russia: A Frigid Thaw

The mantle of human frailty is rich with scores of pitiful exhibitions of conquests in search of dominance; the price is always measured in lives lost and abject poverty of conscience. The seemingly unending contest between the weak of mind and spirit, versus the unsuspecting of mind and conscious opposition; when will it ever end?  

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A Unifying Force

“If you haven’t the strength to impose your own terms upon life, then you must accept the terms it offers you.”  –T.S. Eliot 

Outcome is no more than the contributions we make either by will or by abstinence. We arrive at whatever point and to whatever moment decidedly aligned with all that came before where glory or tragedy are no less the reward dispensed or dispersed. 

Seldom I think of music as mere coincidence or the sweetness of rhyme as accidental; serendipitous perhaps yet nonetheless an animate resolve seeking contact with a soul seared with pain and in need of binding. 

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