We’re All In This Together?

An irretrievably idiotic phrase, the perfect salve of banality, the moment applied your instantaneously numbed by the essence of mindless wonder accompanied by the willing surrender of one’s intellectual ballast; it’s right up there with global warming, social justice, carbon credits, windmills, equality, globalism, BLM and its iterations, making the world safe for democracy, Subaru=Love and diet soda.

Looking at the climate as it is and its clear the only condition, I believe, we share together is the burdensome pain and consequence of groupthink. Really, should anyone ever want to be engaged in anything with anybody doing or engaged in anything that deprives one of their sovereign identity? The fact is that we, as a species, are operating way outside of our operational protocols and the deepening scars on our culture prove it.

The Public is, by design, in full-fledged war with and within itself for reasons that are supremely meaningless principally because the argument in support of the conflict is so factually and fundamentally flawed, so decidedly misanthropic and so fabulously manufactured and the only thing that keeps it together is that there’s still a sufficient number of human gerbils willing to show up to power the wheel while the remainder benefit from the public acting as if it’s locked in a non-stop or seemingly unstoppable tilt-a-whirl.

A few key observations one should consider, carefully:

1. The Power Structure’s greatest fear is that the Public will turn (on them) with rapier-like speed which is why they spend so much of your money collecting information on you and the politico they use to run cover form them.

2. Understand that Polling is used to distort public opinion expressly for the purpose of cratering any wave of Public opposition to the processes occurring as desired. Trump’s election was not the surprise to the Power Structure you have been led to believe (initially they believed they could squash him); their disappointment was not so much in the outcome as it was in their discovery that the processes they’ve customarily used for programing Public sentiment were, when placed under threat, horrifically inadequate. Billons spent, hundreds of thousands of man-hours exhausted, entire security apparatus (CIA, NSA, FBI etc.) expended or set loose and still Trump won. Trump terrifies the Power Structure which should please Americans as well as every freedom loving person on the planet. The fact that many will find this statement doubtful or outright apocryphal is proof of how effective the indoctrination process has been. Before you jump off your own cliff of reason, in response to this statement, first ask yourself the following question: Are you able to meet the same standards or pass the same litmus tests, in every aspect of your personal life, that you apply to Trump? If you can walk on water, then you needn’t answer the question.

3. Consideration: Why does the subject of Voter Fraud appear in the form of a hyper media-stream then suddenly be replaced with an entirely different crisis? You might think it’s because November 2020 is fast approaching or is it that the revolving pandemic is far more important? No, either are far too obvious an explanation. It’s the pattern of a well-established and highly perfected PSYOP’s mind searing technique used to freeze a programmed response and in this age of mass-media mind control coupled with the effectiveness of horde-mania the process of programmed outcome couldn’t be easier. Using the current example, consider the caricature of the Public’s response to concerns relating to Ballot Stuffing/Vote Fraud if/when pitched by a Trump-supporter. I’ve witnessed (first hand) how the self-disarmed Public responds to the suggested threat of vote fraud actually occurring; the militancy of the response is the most obvious measure and yet the most complete indicator of the message’s penetration is seen at the point where/when opponents of vote-fraud are summarily labeled as conspiracy hacks by those who’ll never, despite the facts, accept truths that do not replicate or enhance the simulations effectiveness. Again, facts aren’t relevant or is review of the evidence sufficiently enticing, the typical response of the chronically numb.

4. Consideration (cont’d): Think of what happens when you train the public to believe the race is closer than it really is, let’s say within 3-4% (a.k.a. “within the margin of error”). Then, harvest 2-3% of the vote-by-mail ballots then bury 1-2% of the absentee ballots (remember none of this is actually traceable unless you are able to record the fraud in action) and it doesn’t take mathematical genius to see how easily you turn an election. Trump has every reason to be troubled over what is clearly a very serious issue but then, when you think of how easily the American People have been turned against the legitimate processes of democracy, when you consider how easily they’ve given over their Inalienable Rights and then consider what this guy (Trump) has given up to be President of a Nation of thankless, mindless, misanthropic fools one can’t help weep for the lives of those who gave their everything with the hope of preserving a nation of people whose tilt of their hat, to those who came before, is expressed by the tearing down of a historically significant monument and destroy the efforts of Folks who work to keep the wheel spinning. A sane person can only sit in a near total state of melancholy and say; “oh dear God, what have we done?”

The chaos occurring all around us is tethered to the same machinery that allows the likes of Rep. Pelosi to propagate the lies and penury their puppet masters favor. Accommodates the entrails of the state sewer where the tacit understanding among its occupants is that we never ask serious questions or probe too deeply because so long as we preserve the sanctuary were the fraud occurs we are protected by the lie we never confess. And then of course are the favored Fiends of the Proletariat, the willing Stooges (Politicos, Media Monsters and Magnets and their Product Lines) all being the Darlings the liberally inspired bottle-neckers have become so infatuated with.

Be perfectly clear that the only interest the Power Structure has with the public’s harlequin romance or infatuation with uber activism is in their delight over just how easily the tune they score is so happily and willingly sung by so many. There they are, ensconced on their bastions of authority, laughing and rejoicing merrily over the public’s willing exposure of vulnerability.

If and when a restorative process occurs it will occur only at the point the public accepts the necessity of preserving not just their Freedoms or their Inalienable Rights but just as important is a key feature, a key distinction without which Freedom would be just another word: Liberty. We, for the most part, are either silent over or simply choose to remain ignorant of this critical component, i.e., the natural prohibitions associated with Liberty all of which must be understood as being inviolable and which when fully practiced allows One to express their Freedoms fully. We all must have a clear understanding that the only true Freedoms we have are those that when in practice not only avoid interference with another’s but act, as well, to ensure another being able to do the same.

As I’ve spoken (and written) many times, we possess the freedom to do whatever we want however we must also be in possession of a complete understanding that we are not at Liberty to do whatever we choose. If this is the core bond of what binds us together then count me in. In time, mankind will come to the realization that there is no communion in conflict and that there is no future sustainable were deprivation is seen as a necessity. In time, yes. Just not yet.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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