Blending Threats & Risks of Biden Front:

To grasp and consider these operative elements, not as individual conditions but as a cocktail of ammunition able to be independently targeted, One must season their thinking with the very element of vulnerability we referenced previously:

While it is absolutely the case that this Nation is far more exposed and at risk for an externally triggered economic event than it ever would be by a military version it is also the case that only the Nation itself can provide access to its vital organs.

There are numerous iterations of what we refer to as blended-threats however if all you want to do, if all that is required is the complete and total submission of the U.S., its People and its Political-Economic Systems, to some opaque and non-descript Global Order then one need only execute one very simple task: Simply arrange for an IMF vote that revokes the U.S. Reserve Currency Status and this Nation loses its ability to transact on the global stage. Period!

I am well aware that to the unformed this overture seems impossible if not outright unthinkable however do consider that to the party that would consider a move such as this the idea would be calculated as a most effective tool for ending the reign of political, social and economic recklessness they view as an obstacle to the fulfillment of their ambitions.

Is there a measurable element of probability associated with such a move? Absolutely and the opposition to Trump is all the evidence you need and I expect that we’ve not yet seen the full extent of just how far these Interests will go to insure he’s not reelected, ever.

Still, the probability of any threat occurring at any specific time is always tethered to the relativity of the threat itself; given no palatable alternative persons of power who perceive a threat to their standing will do the unthinkable. Do you really think the Chinese Communists didn’t know what they were doing when the allowed infected persons migrate across the planet? Think of what Stalin did to 9 Million of his Fellow Russians, what Hitler did to the estimate 12 Million Jews et al and think of the 65+ million unborn children pureed here in the U.S. since Roe vs. Wade? Not so unthinkably improbably now is it?

Now then, to be fair to the argument there are other reasons for ending the reign of the Dollar and the following list offers just a few of the alternatives:

  • Replace it with a Digital Currency (global) using the cover of ending the scourge of counterfeit currency. The U.S. is already working on this (see the “Banking for All Act”).
  • As a tool for exchanging (code for “cancelling”) Sovereign Debt.
  • To reorientate States according to their fungible trade capacity. The more you produce and export the more valuable your economic ranking.
  • Systematic State Subsidy delivery system, i.e., U.S. Treasury (a.k.a., FED) funded quid-pro-quo.
  • To suspend or otherwise end the use of paper currency/coin under the pretext that its use represents a mechanism for spreading disease.
  • To end the ability of the Individual to store or otherwise bank cumulative wealth without the oversight or tracking of government officials.

The only possible “safety” the U.S. may have against such a threat is if it still retains the world largest reserve of gold bullion and that’s not a fact easily confirmed but even the value of bullion is a most unstable ballast of security given that its value is determined by market metrics which are not often reliable particularly in periods of economic uncertainty.

This current Order of Our National Standards is repulsed by truth so the message that a “fix is in”, i.e., to keep Trump out of the White House keeping in mind that flipping only two of the possibly five States up-for-grab is all that is require to bump Trump all the while being aware of oh-s0-porous nature of State- run ballot security it won’t take much to hack-the-count. Point being, don’t expect a conversation regarding the painfully obvious to occur let alone force a correction.

The process (election), so seemingly simple, will also accommodate its abuse and its occurrence will appear perfectly in the natural and organic order of such thing. Over the past decade (at least since Bush vs. Gore) the Corps of Progressive Delinquents have been hard a work staging seditious control over the election processes of Key Battleground States and when we consider that the U.S. maintains zero Voter-I.D. requirements a “fix” is not so far-fetched as you might think.

The Nation is becoming quite good at being indifferent to a great many forms of self-inflicted abuse.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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