A Greek Lesson

Despite the promise of a “unified Europe” the design of the E.U. was never intended to be a social remedy or blank check. It was and remains an economic tool, a subsuming of a sovereign states’ and a peoples right of self-determination and financial capacity.

Yes, the Greek Peoples willingness to challenge the E.U.’s draconian rule is laudable however, they will soon learn that the security pledged by the Greek State to the E.U. and by extension of the same, the Holders of their Sovereign Debt (Bonds), includes Greek State/Municipal/Public owned assets (and Pensions). The E.U. System is now so thoroughly woven into the economic/financial fabric of the member states that unwinding or releasing a State from the so-called Union will undoubtedly be followed by Portugal and then Spain and quite possibly Italy as well.

In simplest terms the E.U. will need the TTIP & TiSA Trade Agreements forced down the throats of Americans (north & south) in order to survive both politically and economically. The inevitability of these agreements can be understood by observing that the U.K. – though an E.U. Trading Partner – is not a participant in the current E.U. financial system and yet is a vocal advocate of the TTIP & TiSA. Like it or not the unification is coming.

What is the lesson? When you submit or surrender your individual standing, whether as an individual or a state, to a system that owes no obligation to your interests you soon discover, once the fog of illusion clears, that there are no painless exits.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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