The Analytics of Bruce Jenner; a National Cover Page

It occurs to me that opening a commentary with a lead such as this risks that someone’s bound to terminate their thinking, believing it’s all about Bruce Jenner. It is as to ambiguity and how it relates in greater context however, as to Bruce individually, I’ll only say that it’s his life and to the extent his actions don’t impale the order of another’s, he’s free to express his liberty as he chooses. As to whether he has that liberty, well, I’ll leave that decision to you.

For his benefit however, I believe someone needs to remind him of one simple truth; he will always be a male regardless of how extensive his mind and body altering effects might eventually be. Perhaps better stated: the external mask never alters the internal order of things. The point I’m after is of far greater significance particularly in an era where it seems that nothing means everything and anything beats rational and relevant order, thought and/or action. Where coming out trumps the resolution of an internal conflict and the argument, in dreadfully deep turmoil, surrenders to a superficial resolution bound in brackish simplicity which is, on its own, one fraught with tragic assumptions and lasting consequence.

The lie (and you know it) is everywhere and the truth of it is our collective Cover Page of hypnotic structural dysplasia. The U.S. Economic Household is in a deplorable state; a critical issue which is met with, as a solution, another mass-collective error known as the Trans Pacific Partnership. The deplorable state of the public contempt for government is met, as a solution, with a body of candidates distinguished, as a rule, by their own collective mass of tragic assumptions that insures further public divide. A blunder of epic proportions in the Middle-East is met with yet another ever-expanding threat observed in the form of a Nuclear Deal with Iran. A government led by an administration more concerned with purpose-built Imagery of Status-in-Action masking an outcome that is near total ambivalence to substantive outcome.

Of course the list of issues (along with their superficial resolutions) can easily be continued however, I truly hope my point is made and if not let me be more deliberate: There’s an internal issue, routed in a very fundamental and specific conflict, that no one seems willing to deal with. No one wants to call it what it is and address it head on because it’s far easier to cover it over with yet another illusion masquerading as an evolved, dare I say, erudition or enlightened solution. The outcome of which is always attached with a fundamental torment that no one survives and is ever constant regardless to what depths one attempts to conceal it.

And yet, reality serves one’s implicit sense of reason forcing the issue back to the surface; ever-present and inescapable. I believe, no, I am certain that this is the root cause of both the publics and the Order of Rule’s Participant’s sentiment; they know what it is and (still) refuse to do a thing about it. It reminds me of an old story I’ve used before; it’s about an old man sitting on his porch with his hound-dog lying at his feet. Occasionally the dog lifts his head and lets out a whinny-howl; a boy passing by stops and asks the old man, “hey, why’s your dog make the awful sound?”  The old man replies, “he’s lay’n on a nail!” The boy asks; “then why doesn’t he move?” To which the old man replies; “I guess it just doesn’t hurt enough!” Anesthetizing the dog will not cure the nail.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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