Saudi Arabia: The Price of Influence!

From around the world the U.S. Government has come to be seen as a prize of influence. Buy it, trade for it and/or submit to it and you’ve assured yourself of an influence that packs a punch in military, political and/or economic/financial terms; or so it would seem. What many countries have learned is that there is a declining prize value. This is primarily due to the ever changing interests of the forces driving the machinery of influences that is the U.S. Government and this Government will drop you, like a constitutional provision, at the first sign of a better opportunity.

Saudi Arabia believed it understood how to deal with the U.S. and it acquired the interest of powerful U.S. influences, Henry Kissinger and the Bush Clan being the most conspicuous. Saudi Arabia has even gone so far as to acquire the well imbedded influence of the U.S. arm of the Israeli-Lobby. All bought and paid for (largely) by the U.S. consumer of OPEC Oil which is also a position Saudi Arabia owns due, as well, to U.S. economic/financial policy interests.

Here’s my point: Yes, it is a fact, that the Middle-East is a proxy playground for East v. West interest however, just below the surface is the House of Saud and their extraordinarily effectiveness in positioning itself as both a customer of and a vendor for western military hardware and influence. Where Saudi Arabia’s local/regional interests are concerned they’ve made no secret of what they view as their own extemporaneous threat. The Shia Scepter — better known as the Shiite Arm of the Iranian version of Radical Islam – now ruling present day Iran and the Saudi’s have made no secret of their plan to put an end to this Shiite Arm of Radical Islam. They’re doing it by promoting and funding a full scale Sunni v. Shiite Sectarian War; you known it as ISIS.

The Obama Administration, with little to absolutely no functional understanding of the Middle-East maze of easily corruptible cross-purpose influences believes its intellectual superiority will permit it to achieve a non-intervention outcome by teasing various facets of the maze. This of course is contrary to the blast-furnace of middle-east reality.  Obama, like Clinton/Kerry, have taken the position that they can preserve Iraq by allowing Saudi Arabia to go after Assad (Syria) – meanwhile ignoring that Iraq (Baghdad Government) is Shiite-Controlled and supported by Iran – and that once Syria is settled Iraq will fall back into place.

This, of course, will never happen without direct U.S. involvement and the reason is very simple: under the well-funded support of Saudi Arabia and its own client-states we are now observing a full-scale sectarian war the kind of which is cross-generational (on multiple terms), tribal and of a distinctly attrition-like form. By the way, the reason for the Benghazi raid is directly (as we said at that time) linked to U.S. meddling (gun/arms running) in Syria and you have Mrs. Clinton to thank for that.

At this point all there is to do for the U.S. is to stand back and let events of attrition run their course understanding that ultimately some event, real or constructed, will draw the U.S. into the mess or wait for either a Clinton or Bush victory in 2016 in which case you can be assured that a constructed event will occur.

If the public becomes aware of the Saudi Arabia pact of influence then they (the Saudi’s) will quickly become a political liability for any candidate however, and regardless of the gravity of this fact it is no less equally true that attempting, without a scorched earth agenda, to put this virus back into a hermetically sealed jar, not unlike the Iranian Nuke program, is to bow before the gates of impossibility.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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