All Aboard! Destination: Misdirection

To all great intentions there lie a shadow of alternate purpose; one which conceals itself but not by its nature. It is only the silent hand that observes and moves about the actions of another waiting, cloaking its maneuvering until such time it moves to make intentions its own. The process is the companionship of cross-purposes; the divisiveness of intention once your own, now adverse to yours. 

At the conclusion of a recent event I participated in a Q & A which I truly enjoyed. I believe it to be a fabulous opportunity to engage with folks directly on issues that I believe to be of great importance and to offer greater in-depth discussion that all too often a live event simply doesn’t allow. This occasion was to bring me a question which interestingly enough, hi-lights my current commentary. I was standing with my host along with several other attendees and a gentlemen approached and without a break in his stride said, “…well, you’re very engaging and I must say that I enjoyed your presentation but I really don’t understand your comment about Freedom and Liberty,…I mean, how can you expect there to be any form of government without there being some sacrifice of Freedom and Liberty,…I mean, well, it seems that to have government, any sort of government, people have to surrender there Freedoms. No?” 

Now then, on the surface it seems like a very straightforward question but of course it isn’t.  This is the type of question that has no real answer and is often tossed at me by an individual that simply enjoys sparing as a form of entertainment and often by the type that likes to request instructions for a twist-off bottle-cap or how do you know if you’re really wet or can you over-cook a hard-boiled egg. They all have different meanings, seemingly endless versions of what constitutes an answer and all unique to the party perspective. 

I simply answered the question by saying (as best I recall) that “I believe your conflict on the issue may lie in your foundation. It seems as though you believe that there is an inherent conflict with government and the ideals of Freedom and Liberty.  I agree that there too often is but only in the instance where you believe these two Ideals exist only because they are provided for by this entity you call government; whereas I believe that government, an appropriate government, must only be permitted to exist that is only ever an extension of these two Ideals and one which is dedicated exclusively to their preservation, such as in the intended design of our own.  When there is a conviction to these Ideals as a persistent and preserved destination, then the Ideals are constantly being pursued. When there is misdirection employed, these Ideals become the tools of those who attach themselves to the process and orchestrate selective outcome.  So you see, Freedom and Liberty never change, they are ever-present, they only become selectively applied and thus adverse to anyone who doesn’t share the advantage of misdirection.  My opinion is best understood by using a response by Abraham Lincoln when asked what he thought about slavery: ‘So I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master.’ Think about that one for a time and you will understand the great relationship of Freedom and Liberty to the role of Government as it must be.” 

He of course wanted to argue the point and he suggested that my comments were altruistic and I suppose, to him, he was correct.  For me however, to agree with him would require of me to surrender the intentions of all who dedicated their lives to the cause of Freedom, those who pledge their fortune and their sacred honor toward these altruistic notions. It would, alas, required of me to repel the intentional design of the Creator as well and that’s not likely to happen any time soon though I confess, at times, I wonder if we’re at all capable of understanding the nobility of this perfect intention however altruistic it may be. 

Polling the news we easily observe many such conflicts in our understandings of these Ideals and the generative output or byproduct of various misdirections. I’m not going to comment on the following collection which is of course as I intend. I think it might be a wonderful exercise for you to consider and observe for yourself how you resolve to their respective processes; to determine for yourself the nature and form of misdirection each of these posses. After all, it matters little what I think, it matters most where you stand on these issues. It matters immensely!   

  • Foreign Military Intervention
  • Entitlement Spending
  • Federal Reserve Banking
  • Government Central Planning
  • Corporate-Governance
  • Tax Code (Individual & Corporate)
  • Partisan Politics
  • Lobbyist
  • States Rights
  • Individual Rights 

I should note that I deliberately placed each of these in this specific order; from the most egregious to, in my altruistic opinion, the most important.  

“Man’s most noble form, his highest calling, comes to life only because man discovers it absent. Darkness is not a form unto itself; it only exists because of the absence of light.” 

And then, there is this observation which I like nearly as much as the former: 

“We are forever burdened by the unknown good intrusive government silences.” 

All Aboard!  Anyone?  On April Fools Day no less! 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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