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All Aboard! Destination: Misdirection

To all great intentions there lie a shadow of alternate purpose; one which conceals itself but not by its nature. It is only the silent hand that observes and moves about the actions of another waiting, cloaking its maneuvering until such time it moves to make intentions its own. The process is the companionship of cross-purposes; the divisiveness of intention once your own, now adverse to yours. 

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The Door Swings Both Ways

Careful, don’t let the door hit you on the way “in”; yes in deed, it definitely swings both ways!

The build-up to the election has reached a crescendo all it’s own with one after the other political machine punch-drunk with positionings of various kinds and politicians fatigued by the routine.  I mean, really how many variations is there on the theme “…if you elect me I’ll go to Washington and get the government busy creating jobs and clean out the partisan sewage.”  Selah!

As I’ve said (and written) countless times:

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WiNiP – Reconciling Differences v10.10a

What I Noticed in Passing….

Being Human can surely be an awfully messy business! We’ve so many examples of inspired action and selfless leadership that surely we’ve no need to wonder off course for want of an example. Yet we continue to propagate examples of our rather curious approach to reconciling the illusions of difference and the chaos that ensues. The other day I had to “put down” a beloved pet and in the process of doing so I was drawn in to a rather curious observation which, as it turns out, is more of a query than anything else.  Trust me, there is a connection to all of this.

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WiNiP – A Perfect Mission! V9.10

What I Noticed in Passing….

This past Tuesday I was invited to a local “meet & greet” hosting a local politician who is running for office.  I arrived with a few copies of each of the books in the Blind Vision Series, set them on the entry table along with a “promo” hi-lighting the material as well as a “soft pitch” on yours truly and with this administrative task aside, I milled about the hall listening in on various conversations, looking for a familiar face. It wasn’t long until I found myself on the perimeter of a group, 25 or so standing listening intently to the guest of honor making his pitch!

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Obama to Wage War!

The signs are unmistakable.  The Country has gone poli-rogue and Obama regiments are collapsing!  Once again the political machinery has failed to interpret the American Electorate and the price will be chaos at a time when this Country can least afford political plunder. 

It is of course inevitable.  The face of consequence is worn as a vizard by Alan Specter, Blanche Lincoln,  Richard Blumenthal, Mark Souder and there will be more.

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