Campaign Rhetoric; What’s Missing in Their Economic Plans?

First we must understand that Clinton has no economic plan. What she has is simply a retread of every fascist economic ideology that consistently fails. Take, for example, the claimed “success” of GM; how do you claim systemic success if the enterprise is unable to survive without government intervention? Why would you support an extension of an economic ideology that dumps $13 Trillion of Taxpayer Dollars into government inspired economic incentives with nothing to show for it? How do you plan to expand a job base with no industry or economic system capable of employing the “base” with a sustainable wage?

Yes, I know, tax Business and the so called rich! Well I’ve got a bit of bad news for you. The amount of Net Revenue required, per year, to employ and pay a sustainable wage for just the acknowledged “Unemployed” (15+ Million) would require $842 Billion per year in additional generated revenues. Given the current globally dispersed economic motive this notion is patently absurd if not an outright indictment of Clinton and the cabal that trails her pantsuits.

Even with a massive $13 Trillion infusion this idiotic fascist economic ideology couldn’t manage to make a dent in real unemployment let alone real GDP growth so then how would it possibly work with an $842 Billion extraction from what remains of the U.S. economic infrastructure?

Trump, on the other hand, clearly understands that economic expansion can only occur from within the U.S. domestic economic furnace and most importantly he understands that sound Trade Policy is an extension of domestic output. Presently U.S. Trade Policy merely acts as a conduit for funding the global reach of Multi-National Interests and feeding the gullet of the U.S. Financial Sector.  Anyone that tells you different is either complicit, an academic Neanderthal, a statist politician or too consumed by ignorance to know better.

Trump’s problem is that the truth has two consequences:

(1) It requires a modicum of sense to grasp.

(2) It fundamentally runs contrary to the current predatory system and those who benefit from it.

Either way, it doesn’t sell well despite the overwhelming benefits.

What’s missing? The public’s willingness to use their most basic cognitive powers to grasp that the Media-Cycle is being fed by a cabal of misfits whose only capability appears to be their talent for reading Teleprompters. Otherwise they are truly quite mediocre as their knowledge base is most often limited to their ability to channel a pre-painted script.

The end result: The mal-informed deliver a scripted neutering of a deeply misinformed electorate. 

The following are a select group of responses to questions/comments received after the original article was published. We believe you will find them of interest

GM’s current employment base is 37.2% of its peak. No one seemed to be concerned about the now 62.8% displaced personnel that are now likely a part of the mass of humanity no longer counted among the unemployed or the estimated 16 million they are a part of. NO SIR!

The problem is that Government and Global-Interests are now so intertwined that neither are survivable without the other. This is far greater a problem and a far greater threat than any Politician will tell you even if they were aware of it. They wouldn’t dare!!!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder 

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