Can Congress Squash a Bad Nuke Deal?

Congress, in response to the publics objections (supported by overwhelming poll data) to any deal with Iran and looking to appear relevant, bundled together, passed and the President signed the Iran Nuclear Agreement Act of 2015. Many assumed that the Act would provide a safety net, a mechanism for saving the U.S. from a deeply flawed policy based on an even more errant premise that Iranian Leadership was somehow going to do a one-eighty as to their own internal agenda; well, on both accounts, if one holds to this syrupy gloss, you were wrong!

The Act, clear as day, states that “this Act does not require a vote by Congress for the agreement to commence”. Theoretically, Congress still has the authority to control the removal of sanctions and ironically this Act only provides Congress with that authority under two conditions:

(1) If Congress actually votes on “a joint resolution stating that Congress does not favor the agreement”.

(2) Does so with sufficient numbers to overturn a Presidential Veto which, as you know, requires a Super-Majority.

President Obama’s assault forces are ramping up tactics for assuring that there is no such Super-Majority and you will soon witness their actions. Their claim will be that the Agreement with Iran is certain to keep Iran from the development and ultimate deployment of Nuclear Weapons systems and that anyone objecting is a somehow a rabid hawk, anti-Israel, terminally ignorant and/or outright unpatriotic. It is well known that Iran has already developed the very capabilities that the Administration claims this Agreement prevents. There is nothing in the Agreement that even begins to address the nuclear infrastructure or the further technical development of delivery systems. It has (occasionally) been leaked in the press that Iran is in full pursuit of ballistic technology.

As has always been the case the question that truly needs answered is this: Why does the Administration openly assert policy decisions/agendas that are delinquent as to their effectiveness? Why does the theory of “leading from behind” (or more appropriately stated as “acting after the fact”) so prevalent a component of the Administration’s policy structure?

Creating a problem so as to craft an applicable cure for an issue based purely on imagery is itself an object of pure lunacy and yet, again and again, this is precisely what the Obama Administration does. The outcome of his eight-year fantasy has been and will continue to be predictable and unconscionable chaos!  How most unfortunate that Congress was and will continue to be equal to the very same task!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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