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Obama-Podesta Russian Scam

The Trump-Bashing Fiesta takes a new turn with Donald Jr.’s release of emails chronicling a mismanaged meeting with a Russian Attorney. Under the pretext of offering pre-election background dirt on Clinton he, along with Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort, participated in a sit-down only to quickly discover the bait was not only baseless, but related to alleged Russian abuses and U.S. Policy on Russian adoptions.

Of course, the Anti-Trump crowd will no doubt run with this to the point of exhaustion and further prove the hopelessness of the political alternative leaving the facts by the wayside.

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Comey- Draining a Puddle!

I’m annoyed by the syrupy deference offered Public Officials; a sort of wholesale reverence that transcends reason or justification particularly when the standards of performance are so incredibly low. Where the bar that would otherwise constitute a breach-of-duty and get one fired is seemingly an unachievable trigger-point.

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Wire Tapping & The Gift of Plausible Deniability

As the Swamp continues the plugging of its own drain, the acrid plume expands, all the while the gift of plausible deniability keeps you from facing the fact that what is occurring bears no resemblance to what you’re being told.

No biopsy is required, no suppositions are too far afield as the swamp is indeed a self-generating sewer managing the toxic migration of sewage. This entire affair gives an entirely new perspective on what has long been claimed to be a coincidental event; Bill Clinton’s Arizona tarmac-tea with then Obama AG Lynch.

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Trump Address: Dem’s Lost the Message!

Trump delivered a speech that was extraordinary. Focused on a unifying message evenly laced with significant policy issues; reducing the inefficiencies and size of government, curing the healthcare dilemma, infrastructure development, economic revitalization and tax reform all of which balanced upon the fulcrum of one dominant and underlying theme, Jobs.

Understanding the significance of these points, all once iconic attendants to the Democratic Banner, anyone who watched the President’s speech witnessed how truly lost the Democratic Party line has become. As the camera panned the chambers the divisive behavior of the Democrats was on display from the scowl of Nancy Pelosi and Elijah Cummings, the impish facial narratives of Liz Warren and all the way down to the low-slung harlequins, the suffragettes.

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Might the Iranian Nuke Deal be Unraveling?

It’s been known, apparently with the exception of the Obama Administration, that Iran had long proven it capacity (since 2003) to produce weapons-grade uranium. Given trace evidence of both uranium and plutonium (found at a nuclear site, by the IAE, in 2006) along with confirmed N. Korean technical assistance and you have a 90 percent plus likelihood that Iran has tested, either at depth in Iran or in N. Korea, a WMD.

Question: Why would Iran surrender their ability to “develop” fissionable material to the U.S.?

Answer: They didn’t surrender development “potential”; they’d long gone beyond it.

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