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U.S. Congress: Home of the Spineless

Yes, once again the convictions of Congress are a marvel to behold. Last month they passed a Bill fully funding Obamacare and Planned Parenthood and the President happily inked into law.

Today Congress passed a bill aimed at slashing key components of Obamacare and terminating funding for Planned Parenthood all the while knowing that the President will veto the same.

Gelatin for a spine!  Nice work keepers of the Nations character! Shame on the lot of you!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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Can Congress Squash a Bad Nuke Deal?

Congress, in response to the publics objections (supported by overwhelming poll data) to any deal with Iran and looking to appear relevant, bundled together, passed and the President signed the Iran Nuclear Agreement Act of 2015. Many assumed that the Act would provide a safety net, a mechanism for saving the U.S. from a deeply flawed policy based on an even more errant premise that Iranian Leadership was somehow going to do a one-eighty as to their own internal agenda; well, on both accounts, if one holds to this syrupy gloss, you were wrong!

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GOP Gains Control of Congress; What If?

Without a super-majority in the Senate don’t expect too much; sure the Senate can send a great deal to the president for signature however, as a lame-duck, he’ll have no sense of urgency or need for accommodating the GOP; or will he?

What the GOP will do is use their leverage to demonstrate the extent of the Democrat’s obstruction draining any hopes the DNC may have for 2016.  Having already signed over their authority regarding Debt-Ceiling Limits to the Executive Branch they (GOP) are left only with “spending” Bills as a pro-active tool. On the other hand, if the “Dems” are smart a few may choose to belly-up to the trough and co-op with the Republicans.

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Unlocking Bill!

The Nation is now safe!  Hooorah! The Congress passed and the President is expected to sign “The Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act.”  You have been emancipated; you are now (or shortly will be) free to, ah…well, unlock your cellphone. Don’t get much better than that!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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Stopping A Lawless President

For a Constitutional Republic to work as intended there must be equity, as to standing, between the various branches of government. Many Americans wonder if it is possible to restore balance and function to our national government and we’ve written extensively on the subject and offered numerous methods.
However I’ve never considered the idea of Congress actually suing another Branch for breach; the idea offers intriguing possibilities and George Will’s article (the link is below) discusses the issue in specific and provocative terms. Although the idea may need to wait until a Republican holds the Oval Office, the merits of the plan are supremely encouraging. I heartily recommend that you read it and spread the link around to your spheres of influence.
Curtis C. Greco, Founder
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