Proclamation or Provocation?

This past Friday (March 29th, 2024) the White House Briefing Room released a Presidential Proclamation. In fact, if you take the time to visit the site, you’ll discover that on any given day there are a great many missives issued identified by many different titles; “remarks”, “statements”, “fact sheets” just to name a few and yet, more and more frequently are the “Presidential Proclamations.” So frequent their occurrence that they are not only somewhat meaningless it is likely that Biden isn’t even aware of the process occurring as it is or at all. Yes, yet another indication that the machinery of government moves on at a speed, purpose and intention of its own and so large and uncontrollable that it is frighteningly likely that untold numbers of events do occur without any one individual having to take responsibility for them occurring.

“Government works best when it functions for the general good….”

Tracking corroborative data points requires sifting through mounds of seemingly mindless info and the Biden-Obama White House Online Briefing Room (site), a routinely demoralizing form of punishment, remains a valuable data-point and so as part of my reconnoitering I make it a part of the processes I employ for trending analytics, the methods I employ for scoring the accuracy of what I think of as “coming attractions.” The cesspool that has become Governance-Americana suffers in the manner foretold by the Greeks, Aristotle specifically, centuries ago: Government works best when it functions for the general good; if left with no restraint it devises itself a belligerent servant whose single purpose is to preserve the Ruling Interest’s ability to serve itself.

Why would Biden issue this specific proclamation? Mind you, the Transgender Day of Visibility was set to occur on March 31st of every year since 2009. Why on this particular Easter day would you pair the sacred with the sanctimonious rancor of secular vice? What would be the point, the serving purpose of this Presidential Proclamation, the open and explicit demeaning of a once sacred ideal once resident at the core of this Nations promise, of pressing this Nation’s festering wound?

“How detached have Americans become from the origins of their privilege?”

Now, to be fair, I am uncertain whether Americans will be repulsed by a U.S. President contaminating the sacredness of Christ’s Crucifixion & Resurrection after all it appears that most Americans think of Easter as a day for eating chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chickens or hunting for plastic eggs filled with treats! How detached have Americans become from the origins of their privilege? Well, let me put it to you this way: Consider how Muslim’s would react if Biden/Obama would superimpose their Transgender Day of Visibility over any part of the month of Ramadan?

“Biden is not a cause of any kind, he is merely a symptom.”

President Biden hasn’t the capacity to be so surgically political, frankly, the Man couldn’t find his way out of an open door the truth of which exposes this Country’s most fierce adversary: The contempt it has for itself. It’s important to comprehend that when a Nation is unable to identify the abuses of its own Government it also lacks the capacity to stand in opposition to it. Having surrendered regard for Individual Sovereignty there can be no such thing as Liberty, the Freedoms required to express their virtues and most troubling is the lack of ferocity required to preserve them. Biden is not a cause of any kind, he is merely a symptom.

There’s no doubt in my mind that this provocation is intended as an incendiary device, a flash point for drawing out and targeting an adversary. How effective will be all depends on whether the action is followed by a firestorm, a visceral outpouring of opposition or if the whole affair amounts to nothing more than an affirming nod of favor the Progressive Fascists enjoy. The rank hypocrisy that contaminates this nation’s social forum is most conspicuous in the discussion over the Separation of Church and State (which is, devoutly, an absurd notion and grotesquely misrepresented) is that while the assault on Church and Faith continues its silencing of Curriculum Christ’s teaching they have, quite effectively, establish the “Religion of State” where, oddly enough, they use the Courts and the unelected Bureaucracy of State to promulgate and then enforce its scriptures of humanism.

The greatest tragedy in all of this is far darker than most will confess; daring to reconcile with one’s culpability is a painful task for Mankind and a task he’s never eager to engage with. Man must be free for the fulness of his capacity to be embraced and where it not for Christ’s willingness to endure crucifixion then Man would have never witnessed the virtues of Free Will, the complete exhibition of Grace, the Infinite Capacity of their Creator and His Willingness to Demonstrate the Infinite Nature of His Enduring Light of Destiny.

The game being played will never lead to a resolution but merely prolonging the agony that lingers just behind the footprints of hubris and the appeal of ignorance; this fouling of the natural order, this damage we do to one another, merely suspends the resolution. This cyclical pattern is worn into the fabric of Mankind, undeniable as it is there will be those who will think of it as the evolving of Mankind, if that were the case then why is the failure so progressively punishing?

Man remains an open wound simply because he’s allowed himself to find comfort and companionship within and among the mediocrity of victimhood; a condition which prevails by its reverence for preventing wounds from healing.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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