Clintonology Defines the Process

Many, me included, believe we are living in a time that future generation will see as an extraordinary period in American history. For well over a century the American form of government has been under assault being persistently probed by progressive interest looking for means and methods by which its deliberate design regiments might be overcome. The most significant moves towards these ends appeared most conspicuously with the first Roosevelt Administration and continued onward regardless of the party in power. It is my hope, if the U.S. Constitution survives, that we are about to embark on a journey away from our own self-destruction.

For well in to the 1960’s the process of purchasing influence and backroom dealing occurred rather inconspicuously until the evolution of the 24/7 news process and information-on-demand made possible by the internet. The result has been a public, whose curiosity and growing contempt for the practice of politics, increasingly being repelled by the destructive processes.

FDR’s was among the first to use the media (mostly radio) for the wholesale assault and shaping of public opinion away from constitutional government. From these seemingly benign origins evolved the progressive indoctrination of the American People. The result is a social order having quietly conceded sovereign conscience in favor of homogonous opinions sponsored by political regimes who use government sponsored entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicaid/Medicare, Collective Bargaining Rights, Great Society, Mortgage Subsidies, Corporate Subsidies, Agricultural Subsides and National Health Care, to name a few, as anesthesia. Still, even today, the Public has not been willing to come to grips with the effects of a Government breaching the boundaries of form and function. Though even more tragic than this is an even greater and more striking truth; Politicians, either those having been in office or those running for office, have absolutely no understanding of the causal relationships between issue cause/effect and plausible remedies.

None the less, the American People seem unwilling to face the facts, to penetrate the veil of hubris and outright fraud of this Nations Political Process.  Case in point:

Bill Clinton, the poster-child for the born and bread bureaucrat who, even more than Barrack Obama, has perfected the art of political subterfuge. With no single success to his credit as either Governor of the State of Arkansas or as a two-term President of the United States, he has reemerged in an attempt to aid the fledgling democratic party soften their collapse. I believe that he has only one single purpose in mind; set the stage for Hillary’s assault on the Presidency in 2012 – you’ll know it’s true when you see her step-down from the position of Secretary of State.  A position of prominence held by an individual with absolutely no qualifications or demonstrated competence. Do consider that this is an Office which, in effect, stands before the nations of the world as an agent of this Nation.

Still, I marvel at the science of Clintonology and how it has evolved over the years. It is supremely elegant in its intellectual thievery and ability to anesthetize a public that is bereft of suspicion and discriminating processes.  Clintonology, in fact, Defines the Process, the causal force whose success is the political and economic squalor we now endure. Here are a few examples of his and his grunions most recent adventures:

  • In a recent pitch for North Carolina Representative Heath Shuler, here’s what Mr. Clinton had to say; “This man has earned the right to be re-elected. All of the things they say in the cartoon attacks don’t apply to him. He’s represented you faithfully.”  Of course, ignore the evidence and forget what the voters think, if it comes out of Bill’s mouth, it must be true.


  • At an event in Los Angeles he told a crowd of mostly college student, “I am pleading with you,…any college student in the state of California that doesn’t vote in this election is committing malpractice on your own future.”  Of course what he really means is any college student that doesn’t vote for a Democrat, regardless of their fitness for office.


  • In Denver, Colorado he exhibited his well developed flair for assimilating our Nations historically relevant underpinnings by saying; “Some of these positions people haven’t held for 110 years!”  What he’s referring to are the more critical provisions of a constitutional/representative government. Even he doesn’t recognize them, few of either party do.


  • During a stump-speech in Maryland he was heard to say, “Why in the world would anyone think about making a change?”  Seems down right unbelievable now doesn’t it?  What we need is more of the same!


  • In California even Jerry Brown, in his bid to reclaim the Governorship, has picked up on the lunacy that is the Science of Clintonology.  “It’s an important election for the whole Democratic Party. We’re not perfect, We’ve got a lot of problems in this state, we’ve got a huge budget gap, but there’s a lot of things we can do if we all pull together.”  As in the case with Mr. Clinton, few people recall what a dismal failure, in every office he has held, Jerry Brown has been. Yes, his greatest success has been his ability to consistently fail – quite a legacy. He gave California Collective Bargaining (for Unions) that has now plunged the state in to a $535 Billion unfunded pension liability. As Mayor of Oakland, he administered the collapse of that City’s financial health. The Oakland School District was such a success that the State had to come in and take it over.  As the States Attorney General, he defied the will of the People’s vote by not defending their passage, overwhelmingly, of the “sanctity of marriage” proposition.


  • And of course, Bills star pupil, Barbara Boxer who, at a Van Nuys rally, said: “I’m not interested in creating jobs in India, I want to create them in Indio, Irvine and Inglewood.”  Nice thought Barb but why not first explain to the People why you voted for NAFTA and CAFTA?


It all seems like one huge circus complete with the intoxicating essence of unbelievability which is exactly what it is, unbelievable. Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi’s Minister of Propaganda and Vladimir Lenin share a similar approach to politics. The following expression as well as several variations of the same, are identified with the both of them: 

“A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth!”


Ironic as it may seem, when Goebbels was asked as to the origins of his ideologies he expressed that he was far more influenced by American Political Progressives, the Fathers of Clintonology, than Lenin, Marx or even Hitler.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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